You know you are hooked on Kerry Blue Terriers when….

  • When you meet new people with Gaelic first names, you can tell them what it means.
  • You start celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and you ain’t even Irish!
  • You scour gift shops and doggy boutiques looking for absolutely ANYTHING with a Kerry on it.
  • Your knickknack shelf has all the Kerry things you could find
  • You want to travel to Ireland to find more knickknacks!
  • You cut short your holiday because your Kerry might miss you
  • You choose films or camera that take ‘good’ photos of dark gray/black dogs.
  • Your dog attends your wedding as your Best Man (mine did!)
  • You think every black dog in a car MIGHT be another Kerry
  • You get a T-shirt made with a picture of your dog that reads “No- damn it, I’m am NOT a giant Scotty”
  • You like showing Kerries because they are ALWAYS in the middle of the showing order no matter if they start with Airedales or West Highlands
  • You choose clothes that “go with” your dog
  • You search the Internet for a book on Irish baby names to call your new pup
  • You actually ENJOY grooming
  • You think single-mindedness is cute!
  • You like picking or melting snowballs off your dog’s legs
  • You begin to wonder what German Shepherds or Poodles would look like with a beard.
  • You stop being startled when you have cold water dripped on your leg after your dog takes a drink.
  • You begin to wonder if other dogs are sick because yours has so much energy
  • You realize that you’ll NEVER own another breed!

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