You Know You Are A Kerry Person When…..

Bari Kilcoyne with Tyler

….Your home’s color scheme matches your Kerry.

….You only buy furniture with Kerry-proof fabric.

….You buy a $20 blouse only after using every coupon imaginable, but drop $3,000 without blinking to fence in your yard.

….Your #1 consideration when buying a new car is where your Kerry will sit.

….You need to sleep on a king-size bed, yet are curled up into the top 1/4 night after night because you don’t want to ask your Kerry to move. (Your
husband, sprawled out on his half, has no such qualms).

….The only one who sits on your living room couch on a regular basis is your Kerry.

….You rarely cook a decent meal for your family, yet you regularly make your Kerry turkey soup.

….You take your car for a spin around the block just so your Kerry won’t be disappointed.

….You sit at your computer on a Sunday morning thinking of things like this.

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