Worldwide Kerry Blue Breeder Directory

This list was compiled from many sources. Just because a breeder appears on this list does not mean that the kennel is endorsed by the Foundation, or that
the breeder endorses the Foundation.

Important: read How to Choose a Breeder or Find a Responsible Breeder

The Foundation always appreciates receiving feedback on breeders. Contact our Rescue Director at [email protected].

Buyer beware of breeders not listed: they may be puppy mills or backyard breeders. They may have been removed for ethics violations or do not wish to be
listed in this directory.

This list contains Kerry breeders from Hawaii to Siberia and South Africa to South Dakota. You can buy a puppy from these breeders or you can contact them
for advice.

Kerry puppies are hard to find; consider contacting local breeders and ask them when they expect their next litter. Be suspicious about breeders who don’t
use the Adoption Questionnaire.

Because first-time Kerry owners will need lots of support, it is strongly recommend that you don’t import a Kerry, but buy from a local breeder.

Important: read How to Choose a Breeder or Find a Responsible Breeder

Directory of Breeders

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Note to Buyers:

The Foundation encourages the highest level of ethics for both the breeder and the puppy buyer. Many breeders have agreed to the Foundation Code of Ethics.

Note to breeders:

We have been careful in putting this list together.

Please e-mail your changes, additions and deletions to, John Van den Bergh ([email protected]).

Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation

P. O. Box 1495

Solvang, CA 93464


Fax: 530/231-0113

Other important information for puppy buyers:

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