What's the Best Word in the Middle of a Rescue? "Sure."

A shelter in St. Louis calls me on a Thursday and tells me they have a Kerry on death row: can we help?


Gulp. We don’t have anyone in St. Louis who can help.


“Sure. We will help. Can you give me five days to find a foster?”


“Sure, we can do that.” Little sigh of relief…. We have a little time.


A phone call to a friend of a friend who has a Scottie. “Do you know of anyone who might be able to help us in the area?”


“Well, I have been out of touch for a while, but I do know the head of Scottie Rescue here.”


“Do you have her name and number?”


“Sure. I will email it to you.” A phone call to the head of Scottie Rescue. Long sigh before calling. “Hi. I am with the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation.
There is a dog in a shelter there and I need help getting him out. Do you know anyone that can help us?” “Sure. I can do it. Where is he?” Name of
the shelter is given. “I can pull him tomorrow and maybe I can foster him for a few days.”


A fall off the chair. Stand up, dust off pants! Cringe, bite nails, pull my shoulders up so I look smaller even though she cannot see me. “Well, we need
to ship him to a foster. Think there is anyone who can buy a crate, get a health certificate, pay for the flight until I can get an expense check cut
and drive him to the airport?”


“Well, we are local, so I have never shipped a dog before.”


Mind spinning. Finger tapping. Who to call next? Heart racing. Doodle question marks on my pad. Tap feet.


“But sure. It will be a new experience.”


Another fall off the chair. Stretch back and neck. Dust off pants. Take an Advil and a Tums.


Long story short: two days after the initial call, the dog is in a foster home in a distant city. The head of St. Louis Scottie Rescue has pulled the dog,
fostered the dog (with four Scotties in her home), bought a crate, gone to the airport, paid for the flight and shipped the dog.


Vicki, Faith and Clancy in the 1970s


Oh, in the course of the conversation, it came up that Vicki had a Kerry of her own back in the 70’s (see photos below). What is the saying, “Once a Kerry
lover, always a Kerry lover?”


Vicki Frazier helped a Kerry get out of a shelter in one day and to a foster home in two days. She did it with a can-?-do manner. She pulled $500 out of
her pocket with a promise she would be paid back. She did it all at the request of a stranger on the other end of the phone asking help for a dog of
another breed.



Vicki’s daughter Faith and Clancy in the 1970s


Vicki works full time. All this was done on a Friday and Saturday.


Do you think I will be eternally grateful? “Sure.”


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