Useful Forms

All forms have been digitized and can be found, filled out & submitted online here:

Print & mail forms can be found in our Document Center here:

General forms provided to all Breeders

A template dog contract & bill of sale are made available to all breeders which can be found in the KBTF document center. These contracts were developed by breeders and for breeders who want to enter into a responsible agreement with their puppy buyers.  The form is provided in pdf and Word format, so breeders can adapt it to your specific needs.

Form descriptions & procedures used by the Foundation

All print & mail forms and other signed documents must be scanned and saved by the person designated below and in the location designated below.  If you don’t have a scanner, mail it to the RD, for scanning and filing.

  • Rescue Coordinator Agreement
    This legal document describes the responsibilities of a Rescue Coordinator (RC).  It protects both the RC and the Foundation.  This document must be signed for the RC to be covered by our liability insurance. 
    Person Responsible: Rescue Support will file the document.

  • Foster Family Agreement 
    This legal agreement must be signed by all foster families before they are assigned the care of a KBTF rescue dog.  It defines the roles and responsibilities of the foster family and the KBTF. This document must be signed by the foster family to be covered under our liability insurance.  
    Person Responsible: The RC must send a copy to the Rescue Support, who will file it.          

  • Health Care Agreement 
    Sometimes the KBTF enters into an agreement with the surrenderer of a Kerry for the health care of the dog, as a condition of accepting the dog in our rescue program.  The RC should discuss this option with the RD and the President to determine the acceptability of the dog. 
    Person Responsible: The RC must send a copy to the Rescue Support, who will file it. 

  • Release of Ownership Agreement 
    All dogs in a KBTF rescue program must have a Release of Ownership Agreement.  Should the dog come from a shelter, the shelter adoption form can be substituted.  Dogs that are turned over to the Foundation by their breeder (in the Kerries Helping Kerries program) should use this Kerries Helping Kerries Release Form.  This document must be held in strictest confidence. 
    Person Responsible: The RC must send a copy to the Rescue Support          
  • Home Visit Checklist. 
    Home checks are required before any KBTF rescue dog is placed.  The RC is reponsible for arranging the visit.  This checklist is to be completed by the person doing the home check.   
    Person Responsible: The person doing the home check, must provide this document to the RC.  RC must send a copy to the Rescue Support
  • Rescue Adoption Contract for adult dogs and Rescue Adoption Contract for puppies 
    The difference between these contracts is the detailed information about the dog.  No person will take possession of a KBTF rescue dog without having this document on file.  Note that these Adoption Contracts refer to the Adoption Request Form (ARF).  Hence the ARF must be on file also in Drive.
    Person Responsible: The RC must send a copy to the Rescue Support         
  • Expense Reports USA, Canada 
    Expenses must be approved by the RD. Scan the complete Expense report and email it with supported documentation to the RD who will approve the document and forwarded it to the Treasurer for payment. 
    Person Responsible: The RC must send a copy to the Rescue Support, who will file it AND forward it to the Treasurer for payment. 
  • Volunteer Agreement in Word of pdf 
    This agreement should be used for all other volunteer positions, not listed above, such as “transporters”, people doing home visits, RDs, etc.  It is require to establish that a person is a volunteer for the KBTF, and hence is coverd by insurance.   
    Person Responsible: The RC is responsible for havig the volunteer sign the agreement, and then send a copy to the Rescue Support,

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