Types of Breeders

Are we all saying the same thing?

By Tracey Fulmere, KBTF Board Member

Hobby Breeder = Responsible Breeder = Reputable Breeder

They are breeding to improve the breed because they understand the standard and show their dogs in conformation so a judge can decide if the dogs meet
the standard. They have the best interests of the breed at heart. They perform genetic testing. It’s a hobby, not a business. Their dogs generally
don’t land in rescue because they take great care in placing their puppies and follow up with the owners for life.

Back Yard Breeder

Doesn’t breed to improve the breed; primarily breeds because it would be fun to witness birth, to progenate their wonderful flufy. They may make some money
but it isn’t their livelihood. There is no thought about breeding to the standard. Dogs may land in shelters because they give them to their friends
or advertise in the paper or online and the BYB doesn’t care about their pups after they’re gone.

Puppy Mill = High Volume Breeder = Puppy Farmer = Puppy Factory

Sees the dogs as their source of income. Doesn’t give a darn about the standard. Cut costs to increase profits. Pups are sold in pet stores, on-line or
in the paper. Their dogs tend to land in rescue.

It’s not where they breed or how many litters they have a year (although responsible breeders by definition spend a lot of time with puppy buyers so they
can’t produce that many puppies) but WHY they breed.

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