Trying to Hide Pills

How to to outsmart your Kerry when hiding pills.

As suggested by experienced subscribers to KerryBlues-L.


Hannah, my almost 9 year bitch, is a master at detecting pills in attempted coverups. I have tried peanut butter,  margarine, cream cheese
(even the flavored ones), frosting, cottage cheese, Cheese Whip, Cool Whip, hotdogs, pieces of Pedigree Choice Cuts, tofu, hamburger, refried beans,
egg rolls, and on and on and on, any of which she willingly eats. The problem is that she chews her food, contrary to my almost 3 year old male,
Blarney, who just sucks it up.

It has been almost amusing to watch Hannah suck the surrounding cover-up off the pill and then spit the pill out, whole. Finally, after all of the
above failed, my vet said, “Just crush the pill up and mix it with her food. Capsules, open and mix with food.”

Works everytime.

Blarney on the other hand, you just toss the pill in with his dinner and it’s gone. He probably would swallow a hand grenade if it was in his bowl!!

Carol Blundell

[email protected]

King City, CA

My favorite is a half a spoonful of jam or jelly. Chloe likes the taste, and considers
it a treat. It hides the pill well, and is slippery so slides right down her throat with almost no chance of her spitting the pill out!

Dorothy Nuess

[email protected]

Getting a pill in a dogs mouth is not as hard as it seems.

Open mouth on the side shovel pill in with finger to the end of the tongue. Close mouth, blow in nose. He will lick his nose as a reflex and the pill
will have been swallowed to do that.

Helen Eiden

Eidenbock Kerries

[email protected]         


Because my Toby is a champion grand master at finding the pill in the treat, I use the
old standby method. Gently & with a happy attitude, push the medication to the back of the dogs throat, closing the snout with one hand &
then rub the throat with the other hand in a downward motion to get the swallow reflex going. If you also have a yummy treat to hand, it can be
given directly. The process then becomes reward based. For powdered medicines, mixing thoroughly with a meat based baby food & adding that
to the rest of the food usually works.

Eileen Schneegas

Middlesex, England

Snow Goose Designs, Metal & Enamel Art

[email protected]

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