Top 10 Reasons Why It’s Better to Sleep with a Kerry

10. They go to bed when you do – not before, annoying you with “Honey, come on to bed, it’s late” while you are trying to answer important email, like
this; or after, disturbing your perfect sleep;

9. They get up when you get up and never ask you to remember the dinner engagement, phone call or dry cleaning pick up on their way out the door;

8. They are never too tired, stressed or worried about anything;

7. If they snore you can remove them from the bed or, the room, if necessary, without a fuss;

6. Same as above for hogging bed space and covers;

5. They do not doze through Monday thru Sunday night football and only wake up if you try to change the channel;

4. They can be taught to pay perfect attention to you;

3. They can be reinforced for all their good behavior with simpl praise and petting;

2. If they get up and pee or poop on the floor during the night, you do not need to call a psychiatrist to solve the problem;

and, the number One Reason;

1. They can be taught the command “off”.

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