The Kerry Blue Terrier

The Kery Blue Terrrier is a very rare breed in America, of which very little, comparatively, has as yet been written. However, he is fast gaining in favour
and popularity and bids fair to become one of the country’s leading dogs. And well he should do so. As a general family dog, guardian of property or
person, or as a pet he is very hard to equal. He is plucky, alert, and fearless. Among other dogs he may perhaps, be apt to prove a bad actor, for
he is militantly inclined and does not acknowledge defeat from any quarter whatever, preferring death instead. But under the right kind of supervision
and training, especially in his early days, he is exceptionally well-behaved and idolizes his master. A remarkable dog for children.

Origin–Irish through and through. A large type of rough-haired working terrier well known by the natives of the Emerald Isle for so long that he is recognized
as a true product of that country. Until only recently known in America, or, in fact, to the outside world in general. His belated appearance at the
dog shows has caused much interest in the breed and since then many fanciers have adopted him as a favourite breed and started kennels to further his
well-deserved popularity. While more than one theory has been put forth as to his true origin, the best on is little more than supposition. The most
reasonable of these apparently, is the one which claims that he developed from the same origin as the red terrier, known as the Irish terrier of today.
It is believed that at the time of the latter’s development there was a bluish class of exactly the same breeding. The reds, it is claimed, were favoured
by the fanciers of that day and put forward and standardized, while the blues were left to the poorer people to do with as they might see fit. As a
belated result, the blue specimen finally weathered through years of obscurity until he was at last recognized as a true breed, as worthy of being
fostered and standardized as was his more favoured red brother. He has been larger than the latter, from the beginning and that size is regarded as
one of his individual characteristics.

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