The Invader

Yesterday evening I was busy at my PC as normal doing some last minute edits on a presentation I was making at work today. The whole R4 gang had settled
in around me – Rio on the sofa, Renny complete with her entire collection of 7 chew sticks on the family room rug, Rascal on the hassock where she
could occasionally get eye contact from me, and Rocket on the floor below my stool legs nicely entwined through the stools legs in such a way that
I’m sure I will kill myself if I have to get up for any reason. Just a nice, quiet time close to twilight.

And then chaos.

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of something grey-brown darting down the hall. Apparently Renny saw it too since whatever it was had been
making a bee-line in her direction. Renny paused to gather up her collection (she’ll pack her “stuff” wherever she goes), so she lost track of our
visitor. But I saw it and I was on it in a flash.

Thinking it was a mouse (oh right – one of the dumbest mice ever), I was on the trail. Our visitor had gone in the dog room and I thought it was under
the bookcase. But this was no mouse as I quickly discovered. Great – this was the creature that scares me the most…A REALLLLLLLY LARGE SPIDER!!!!!!

I’ll face snakes, lizards, rodents of any kind – but a spider. Oh shades of Hades. Why me?

So I turned to my canine colleagues and told them ok guys, I need backup. We’re on a big hunt. Lets get armed. Of course my weapon of choice when faced
with whacking an intruder is a natural – the Broom! Yes, a perfect weapon and all my R4 team members know what this means…its war!

As everyone gets into position, I prepare our battleground by moving the dog beds, chairs, lamp, grooming table, and the adjacent shelf unit I keep all
my grooming stuff on. I notice that Rascal is at the forefront with Rio the Redd Raider standing ready to back her up. Renny is still trying to collect
her stuff and Rocket is guarding the hall just in case another spider shows up. Ok, we’re ready.

I move the bookcase and this poor spider is flat against the wall. She knows we’re on to her. For one minute I thought about going to get my gloves and
a coffee can with the idea of a live rescue. But I can’t do it. Rascal is right there to help and we whacked the spider. Rio stood her ground as well.
Rocket provided all the sound effects and Renny dropped all her chewies and had to start over.

I picked it up in a tissue and we bowed our heads and gave it a burial at sea (flushed it down the toilet).

All were heartily congratulated for staying with me and protecting me. Big adventure. Hope we don’t have to do it again!

All the best!

Sharon Burnett

Rascal (“My mom is such a wimp”)

Rocket (“I guarded the rear”)

Rio the Redd Raider (“I would have eaten it”)

Renny the Gator (“That spider was coming for my stuff I just know it”)

Seattle WA

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