The Barge Kerries of Holland

This story is about two Kerries who live on barges.

Amber and Boris are two 8-year old pups out of Kirby of the Three Corners. Amber and Boris live on two barges based in Holland. The captains of these ships
are brother and sister also.

Amber and Boris are probably the most traveled Kerries around. Every few days they may be in a different country: Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France,
Germany and Switzerland.

Amber and Boris rarely walk on solid ground. Only when they are tied up at the docks and are neither loading or unloading can they come off-board. When
the ship is being loaded, they must remain in their cabin because it is too dangerous to run around. Even when the ship is idle, it is anchored away
from land and the Kerries must remain on board. However, the ship is quite large, with plenty of room to run.

One of the few times they run on grass is at the locks. There they can spend a few minutes on shore and visit with other dogs.

Sometimes the cargo can be a problem. Recently Amber’s barge was transporting bulk steel shavings. After that trip, the whole ship had to be washed clean
to ensure that no pieces of metal were left on the deck to cause a problem for Amber’s paws.

Amber recognizes Boris’s ship from afar. When she sees the other barge, she runs around the deck like a maniac. In this picture, the two barges are tied
together for a quick visit and the dogs have a great time exchanging stories (and so to their bosses).

Grooming is a problem. Since groomers work by appointment only, and the barge schedule is so erratic, it is very difficult to schedule a trip to the groomer.

Both Kerries are good swimmers, which their captains have taught them for obvious reasons. There are no railings on a barge (see picture above).

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