Take your Lumps

Can (or should) anything be done about lipomas (also known as fatty tumors)? Uh-oh. What’s this lump? Any growth on your dog’s body deserves attention, especially one that wasn’t there last time you checked. It could be a sebaceous cyst (a sac filled with sebum, …

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Canine Cyst Removal

Image Credit: Animal Clinic at Equestrian Woods youtube video: Popping a Sebaceous Cyst on a Dog : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dvt0fRFmcuI Cysts in Kerries are common. Some breed lines are more affected than others. Cysts can be removed surgically, but may come back. They are not cancerous. Below …

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Is That a Skin Tumor?

Any lumps and bumps on your dog’s skin — whether large or small— warrant prompt veterinary diagnosis. Here’s why. There’s no need to panic if you happen to spot a strange lump, bump or scabby sore on your dog’s skin. But it would be wise …

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