Swimming with your Kerry

For those planning to swim with their dogs you might consider doing what the team swimmers do: after swimming place a type of drying drop in the ears.
I know some swimmers use Sea Breeze but I do believe that has alchol in it. They also use a drop of milk or a preparation especially for eyes to
cut down on the chlorine burn. This neutralizes the ph in the eyes and is quite soothing. Not necessary for lake swimming but for those whose dogs
joing them in the family pool does work well.

If you prebrush the dog before swimming this will cut down on the mats as the matts that are all ready in place can be set by the water. You can also
use the time after a swim to bath and condition the coat. It makes for more work but a better coat in the long run.

Photos of Murphy frolicking in the Mediterranean Sea by Judy Thompson

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