Stuck Inside of Happy with a Kerry Blue Again

(with apologies to Bob Dylan)

A song, written and performed by Mark Kunkel.

She always said she was allergic

that mammals made her sneeze…

I said, ?Maybe just a gerbil??

and she said, ?If you ask ?please.??

But the gerbils bred like bunnies

and they overran the place

and my thoughts slid down the carpet

just like the tears slid down my face.


Oh, mama, it sure would bring a grin

to be stuck inside of happy with a Kerry Blue again

So we tried a dozen goldfish

but they were not the swallowing kind

I?d say, ?Wanna go for a little walk??

but they?d not pay me no mind.

So they wound up with flushed faces

and the rest went that way too

and me, I?m still longing for

something special in the zoo…

Oh, mama, I would flip my tail fin…

Next we got some feathered serpents

from the land of jungle sun

they imitated our kids fightin?

and they?d squawk when folk?s come

But in the end they just weren?t talkin?

when we?d ask, ?How was your day??

and when the neon came and went

there was nothing left to say…

Oh, mama, sure would fire a light within….

And then it was a kitten

Nathan named her Heidi Otch

we asked how come he did it, he?d say,

?Because it rhymes with crotch.?

But she lived her days out spittin?

and got killed by some raccoon

it may have been just a little late

or really none too soon.

Oh, mama, I?d drink rusty bathtub gin…

So there was bedroom negotiations

and pleading pillow talk

and promises to be housebroken

and never have to walk

And the edge of the wedge got started

and it pried permission free

and it still feels like some miracle

or something that was supposed to be

Oh, mama, notify my next of kin…

Well he was a puppy up in Philly

and he had a famous dad

but all that mattered was just who he was

and not some pedigree he had

So they put a blue collar on him

and they pointed him toward the plane

and by the time he reached Hotlanta

he had a new last name…

Oh, mama, feels like leaving East Berlin…

I cried when I first saw him

and who knows, maybe he did too

but that really isn?t all that strange

it?s what lost brothers tend to do

And I named him after Dylan

some Thomas, mostly Bob

and he turned out to be a brother indeed

and not just some old dog

Oh, mama, think I?ve found my conjoined twin…

So we go for walks at sun-up

and some at nighttime too

and it?s hard to know who?s on the leash

or just who is walking who

And there?s a prayer in his silver

and a blessing in his blue

and there?s something in his just being here

way past too good to be true!

Oh, mama, I?m Tom Sawyer, he?s Huck Finn….

So that?s the story of Dylan

or at least, the part I?ve learned

and it?s hard to know just how it ends

or what?s coming with the turn

But there?s one thing that is certain

and that?s that love?s the one true thing

and I thank him for his company

and for this song that I can sing.

Oh, mama, here?s one I think I can win…


Mark Kunkel’s Dylan

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