Spike, the Usher

Staffordshire, England

Our Kerry Spike (now no longer with us, sadly), had a number of habits which were both embarrassing and funny in turn.

The one we always remember was his habit of ensuring visitors were off the premises at what he regarded a reasonable time. This only happened at
night, typically if we had guests who had stayed for dinner and were now enjoying a chat.

Generally, once the time had gone past about 10.30 Spike would sit in front of said visitors, staring at them in a pointed fashion. We did
not explain to the visitors what he wanted in the hope he might give up or to go bed or something. He never did.

After about 10 minutes, Spike would progress to giving short “wuffs” to try to get these dim people to understand it was time they went home. If
this got no response the final sanction was a light cuff across their knees with a front paw with a run to the door and back to help them understand
where they should be headed.

We would have to confess his intentions at this point. Normally, someone would then say “Well, it is really time we should be going…” and they
would make their way to the door.

Spike would then sit next to the door, wagging his tail and grinning. You could see him thinking “Well done, you got it at last, sleep well !”

Truth be told, this was sometimes a useful trick for him to pull, especially if the conversation was lagging, but we never taught or encouraged
him how to do it!

His other less convincing trick was to start limping if anyone mentioned the word bath.

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