Should You Have Your Kerry Screened for Factor XI?

You may be wondering, why should I have a DNA test done? You may be thinking, my Kerry is just fine. Your Kerry just may be fine, but then again, maybe
not. And that?s exactly why every Kerry needs to be screened. This genetically acquired blood disorder cannot be detected by visual observation or
routine physical examination. But be aware that Factor XI can cause serious complications when any surgery is required or a trauma has occurred due
to the inability of the blood to clot in a normal way.

Your veterinarian needs to have all the facts to provide the best care possible.

With all Kerry owners screening, with breeders screening, and prospective buyers asking for pre-breeding health confirmations that include Factor XI testing,
the health of Kerry Blue Terriers will improve around the world. That’s absolutely fabulous for the long term health improvement of the breed! Much
thanks to Dr. Giger and Dr. Tcherneva for their long term efforts and success in developing this DNA screening that identifies this deficiency in a
way that was previously not available.

I am not anyone important. You won’t see my name in lights or in literature. I am just a Kerry mom who is passionate about my Kerry and love the breed.
I only want my Kerry, your Kerry, and every Kerry in the world to be well cared for and healthy. I’ve had my girl screened. I hope you will have yours
screened, too.

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