Setting The Standard In Dog Rescue

The original goal of our Rescue program was to promptly respond to, rescue, and place every Kerry in need. Now, we have added a new goal: to be the best rescue group in the country.

To do that, we have established contacts with a number of respected professional breed rescue groups—groups like the Cairn Terrier Rescue Network, Wheatens In Need (WIN), Westie Rescue of California, and others—and learned much from their experiences. We have also developed relationships with a number of shelters, both public and private, and been approved for preferential treatment when a Kerry is impounded.

In addition, we are building on our experience in working with shelters and pet stores, in screening prospective adopters and making placement decisions, and in expanding our network of volunteers.

Here is a quick rundown of what our Rescue program provides. 

The Shelters

To shelters we provide:

  • a “Kerry Identifier” handout written exclusively to help shelter personnel ID our breed
  • positive Kerry identification
  • a toll-free 800 number and near round-the-clock hotline support
  • a 3-hour response time
  • an opportunity to work with a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization like themselves (especially valuable to those shelters that won’t work with breed clubs)
  • donations, in addition to adoption fees, for their help with our breed 
  • courtesy follow-up information after the adoption 
  • legitimacy, given our adoption screening tools, contracts, and agreements with Rescue volunteers 

Every shelter is treated with courtesy and respect, and help is always extended. 

Our Rescue Kerries

To our Rescue Kerries we provide:

  • prompt rescue, regardless of age or health
  • a complete veterinary exam and diagnostics immediately after rescue, prior to entering a foster home
  • immediate spay/neutering, other required surgery, and ongoing medical treatment as needed
  • foster care in a home environment where they are treated like members of the family—we do not “warehouse” our dogs in kennels or crates
  • initial bath and trim, followed by regular grooming
  • evaluation of the dog’s temperament and behavior, and training if needed
  • a posting on our web site to reach the largest number of applicants to ensure not just a good home, but the perfect one
  • a fully screened home that completed our 8-page Adoption Questionnaire, was interviewed, reference-checked, and home-checked, and carefully matched to the dog’s temperament and needs

No Kerry is ever returned to a shelter, or left in a shelter to be visited by our prospective adopters, or denied rescue because of its age or health or pedigree.

Our Foster Families

To our foster families we provide:

  • an opportunity to do something meaningful and rewarding for the breed
  • a Foster Family Agreement that outlines responsibilities and sets the standard for quality foster care
  • regular updates on the placement process and the option of participating in the selection of a permanent home
  • reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses 
  • the safeguard of allowing only vet-checked Rescue dogs into their home, especially when other dogs are present
  • insurance coverage while the dog is in their care
  • ongoing support, advice, and help of all kinds 

Our foster families are worth their weight in gold! No Kerry is ever “parked” with them and forgotten. Every day a dog is in foster care, someone is working to find it a home.

Our Adopters

To our adopters we provide:

  • breed education and guidance, and encouragement to research and meet the breed before pursuing adoption
  • a written evaluation of the dog’s temperament, behavior, and training needs 
  • complete documentation on the known health history of the dog 
  • a personal home visit with a Kerry person and the chance to ask questions, and, whenever possible, meet the dog in advance 
  • a cooling-off period before making an adoption decision
  • local resources and referrals for grooming, ear-pasting, training, veterinary care, and more
  • an Adoption Contract to help avoid misunderstandings and to ensure the dog’s future well-being and its return to Foundation Rescue if the need arises
  • suppport throughout the lifetime of the dog 
  • a dog that has been carefully matched with their lifestyle, expectations, and needs

Collectively, our adopters represent the cream of the crop of breed-knowledgeable, responsible Kerry owners.

Our Donors

To our donors we provide:

  • the convenience of donating through Paypal or by credit card, and the acceptance of foreign currencies (Canadian dollars, euros)
  • our guarantee that your donation will be carefully invested and wisely spent for the purpose you intended
  • a prompt receipt for tax purposes and thank-you card 
  • acknowledgement of your contribution on our web site (if you so authorize) 
  • our respect and appreciation—always! 

Without our generous donors, our Rescue work could not continue. Thanks to them, every Kerry in need has a place to go.

Donating your Kerry

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