Sensitivity to Anesthesia

Daryl Enstone

If your dog is scheduled for surgery, you should discuss your concerns about sensitivity with the vet. Do this before you drop the dog off for the surgery. Take the Wheaten protocol, shown below, and point out how closely related the breeds are.

Isofluorane is more expensive than the usual alternative, halothane, but you can request Isofluorane if it is notthe standard anaesthetic at your clinic. Many vet clinics are switching over to Isofluorane only, simply because it does have a better tolerance record.

Wheaten’s Sensitivity to Anesthesia

Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers are very sensitive to certain anesthetics, particularly those with a barbiturate base. In this regard they are very much like sight hounds. Any procedure requiring an anesthetic should be discussed with the vet to make sure he/she understands this sensitivity. The recommended protocol is the following:

Preoperative tranquilizing with Acepromazine or Atropine. (Some Veterinarians may not choose to use Acepromazine)

Induction with a combination of Ketamine and Diazepam (Valium) administrated intravenously.

Maintenance of anesthesia with Isofluorane and Oxygen.

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