Screaming Mimine

I am not a cat person but that changed a couple of years ago. Paddy Paws was introduced to Mimine, our new Maine Coon cat. In a few days the place turned
into a circus interfering with my writing and general workload. Many times my tranquility would be pierced by horrific screams of protest from Mimine.
On the first occasion I thought I’d discover parts of Mimine in different quadrants around the main bathroom. Her screams and howls were ferocious.
Mimine was being destroyed, thought I.

I charged into the bathroom and I discovered Mimine over on her back with Paddy straddling her. He was ‘stabbing’ Mimine with his mouth all over her belly
and chest. Mimine had her ears flattened and was howling and swatting Paddy’s beard. Maybe they heard my opening mouth about to shout something; in
any case they both stoped everything in mid-stride. Paddy turned and looked over his shoulder at me with a huge grin on his face and blur of a tail
vibrating his bum. Mimine, resumed swatting at Paddy, but then she realized that Paddy was no longer stabbing her. In an instant, it dawned on her
that this was the opportunity to ‘escape’. Paddy gave me an under the breath: “Woof”, looked at Mimine dashing out the door and charged after her.
Within a few moments there were more screams of supposed pain. Paddy had Mimine on her back again and was stabbing at her all over again. Same routine
followed. It was bad enough when the game of pin-the-cat-on-her-back took place during the daytime, but in the dark at two in the morning? Give me
a break.

Day after day this game went on. The rules were that Mimine would allow Paddy to mouth her belly, leaving huge gobs of dog drool all over her. Paddy agree
to allow his beard to be combed. Mimine received a dog bath and Paddy, well he got whatever flashed across the synapses of his brain at that moment.

Recently another cat arrived in the household. Same routine, but this time it was cat howls compounded by cat howls. The first time I followed the sound
trail Mimine had Poussie on her back and yes she was stabbing her exposed belly and chest. And yes my presence was the signal for Mimine to be distracted
enough that Poussie slipped away. Again the chase was on. And yes again, cats being cats the game would take place at all, all hours of the day.

We still follow the sound trails each and every time and get to see the game which a Kerry Blue taught a Maine Coon cat.

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