Saliva Test for Food Sensitivity and Intolerance for Dogs

Nutriscan is now available. Our revolutionary patented, canine food sensitivity and intolerance
diagnostic test uses an important new approach to nutrition. Salivary diagnostics can more accurately identify the foods to be avoided than can serum
food “allergy” testing.

This salivary diagnostic system tests saliva for emerging food reactant antibodies in healthy dogs, as well as the existing antibodies in dogs with known
or suspected food intolerance.

The test kit can be obtained directly from Hemopet or your veterinarian can order the kit for you. It is really a very simple procedure. After following
directions for collecting the saliva, and adding it to the special double-sleeved tube that we provide, the tube is sealed and sent to Hemopet for

Testing protocols are for gluten and other food ingredients. The primary dietary antigens to be tested are: corn, wheat, soy, beef, eggs, and milk. This
food sensitivity diagnostic testing will identify pets needing appropriate personalized foods and treats.

Nutiscan saliva screening should be used annually or more often, as warranted.

After you complete our On Line Test Request Form – please CLICK at the bottom
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