RV Travel with your Dog

Compiled from discussion on theKerry Blue Newslistby
Linda Grisley

Here are some tips to make your RV travel with dogs more enjoyable.

  • Walk and water dogs every time you stop
  • Don’t feed until hunkered down for the night – prevents nausea
  • Take your own dog’s food supply with you – food changes can cause diarrhea
  • Take a stake and line to tether dog outdoors when BBQing or other outdoor activity
  • Take your grooming tools
  • If it will not be cool enough to leave the dog indoors when sightseeing, find a kennel to board dogs for a day or two if sightseeing
  • Bring your own water
  • Take the crates and ex-pen
  • Go into small towns instead of highways stops to find dog walking parks or trails, interesting restaurants and shops
  • Have the cell phone number on her collar tag instead of the home number.
  • Don’t let dogs off leash without dependable recall (ya, right!)
  • Don’t let dogs off leash unless within fenced area
  • Don’t let dogs off leash until you have checked that they can’t getout of fenced area!
  • Leash dog indoors before you go out so they can’t run off when door opens
  • Don’t let dogs out of doors before you
  • Micro chip dog
  • Tags on collar should include info like cell phone number, or “microchipped in State/Province” or “I am visiting at address/phone”
  • Don’t put home address on collar tag – tells people your house is vacant
  • Leave your cell phone number and planned route with vet and micro chip company
  • Keep a flexible schedule
  • Check out RV highway rules where you are going
  • Carry a recent picture of dog in case he gets lost
  • On Lost Puppy posters, don’t use real breed name – advertises that it is an expensive dog
  • Take dogs medical records and have shots up to date
  • Check on potential health dangers for dogs where you are going (ticks, lyme disease, etc)
  • Try to keep to normal daily routine for dogs
  • Go to Walmart and buy one of their road atlases. In the back it shows where all their stores are and you can stay there overnight for free.
  • Join the Good Sam Club and get a Trailer Life Directory from them
  • Take a good supply of plastic bag
  • Get a generator
  • Take fogger for bug season

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