Reverse Sneezing: Suggested Remedies

Summarized from discussions on the KB-L newslist by
Marian Tyson


Reverse sneezing seems to be common in Kerry Blue Terries. What is it and what can we do about it? The following are recent reader comments from the archives of the Kerry Blue Terrier Newslist.

What is it?

Reverse sneezing sounds like snorting, wheezing, and/or choking. The dog is unable to breathe normally. Carole Roseman describes it as ?a membrane is covering their windpipe.?

Why does it happen?

Although no definitive trigger was identified, readers suggested a variety of causes including:

  • nose mites (Charlotta Mellin)
  • over stimulation, excitement (Judith Bruno)
  • inhalation of dust, corn starch or other irritants (Mary Piccione)
  • puppy vaccination that was given nasally (Irene Landau)

What treatments or responses have been successful?

  • The most common suggested response was to cover the dog?s nostrils in order to force the dog to breathe through its mouth. This was suggested by Anne Marie Flynn Fierke, Judith Bruno, Margaret, Joannah L Whitney, and Jan Joers.
  • Stroke the throat so the Kerry will hold its head up. (Carol Cain)
  • For nose mites, treatment with Ivomec (check with your vet first). Charlotta Mellin

As usual, if you have doubts, contact your vet. While many occurrences of reverse sneezing can be stopped by covering the nostrils, more serious conditions may need to be ruled out if the symptoms persist.

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