Puppy Buyer Information Packet

If you’re a Kerry breeder, you want to do everything possible to ensure that each of your eager little puppies goes to the best possible home. You’ve
done extensive screening of each family, and probably used a written screening tool (like the Adoption Questionnaire)
that asks all the questions you may have forgotten to ask in person or on the phone. You’ve called the prospective buyer’s references, done a home
check, and contacted local Kerry breeders or club members to ask for information on the buyer, and to alert them that a new Kerry will soon be
in town. You’ve provided the buyer with a wealth of breed information, instructions, (perhaps in the form of the Puppy Instructionshandout)
and admonishments. The buyers signed a Puppy Contract and agreed to provide adequate care, and to return the dog to you if things don’t work out
now or 15 years from now. You’ve made arrangements for ear-setting and grooming, and planned for follow-up calls and maybe a visit to make sure
all is going well. What else can you do to ensure that the dog will be properly cared for and that the buyers have the support system they need?
You can provide each buyer with a Puppy Information Packet–something they can take home with them and refer to when questions
arise and you aren’t available.

Below is a list of links to 10 articles on the Kerry Foundation web site that can be printed and given to each of your puppy buyers. Other articles
can be included as well, but do contact the author and request permission.

Cover Sheet

Include the following contacts:

  • Kerry groomers and ear-setters in the buyer’s area, especially if the buyer is not near you.
  • Contacts for the local Kerry club, all-breed club, or Kerry friends or owners in the area.
  • The URL of the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation web site:


What a Puppy is Not!, Lisa Frankland


The Ten Commandments of Dog Ownership, Anonymous


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