PNA Solution

After more than a decade of work, Drs. Johnson & O’Brien & their staff at the University of Missouri – Columbia came up with a genetic test for

Thanks also to Jana Deaton, the Kerry breeder who never gave up providing information and genetic materials to the researchers. Jana wrote: “We have a
test for PNA (now called MSD). It is a simple and affordable cheek swab that can be purchased through OFA. PNA can finally be buried along with those
puppies it took from us, and never again cause the Kerry community strife. If we all work together to test breeding stock, breed wisely considering
carrier status and cooperate with one another it will be gone from our gene pool in a few generations.”

Jana recalls: “It has been a long and difficult road, many people don’t have any idea about the history of the disease and what it has done to Kerries
and breeders over the last several decades. We can finally talk about it now with the knowledge that the solution is here, no more specter that was
PNA lurking in the shadows. I know this means more to me than it does to many of you, but I hope you all can acknowledge the importance of this breakthrough
and the huge positive impact it will have on our breed and it’s future.”

The KBTF encourages all breeders who suspect a PNA (MSD) problem in their breeding lines to order the test. With this test, it is up to the breeders to
eleminate this dreadful disease for ever.

For more information about this test and how to place an order for a test kit visit

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