Placing a Kerry with Marian Anderson

We got our first Kerry in 1969 and it was shortly thereafter that we joined the Empire KBTC and met and became very close friends with Jim and Lucille
Johnson. And it was thru Jim that we met Marian Anderson – he was her tax attorney and they had been friends for years. We had to re-home a young
Kerry that we bred and had sold to a family near Albany, NY. For whatever reason it had not worked out for those folks and they returned the dog
to us. When Jim heard about it, he told he might know someone who would be interested. He called me back some time later and asked if I would like
to place the dog with Marian Anderson and her husband, King. I said I would be delighted to do that, as Jim assured me that she had had Kerries
for many years and was currently without a dog.

This led to an invitation from Marian to bring the dog to her home near Darien, CT, and to please plan on staying for lunch with her and her husband,
and to please bring our children and my mom, who lived with us, along. We did so about a week later. Marian was delighted with her new Kerry, and
he with her! She was a most gracious and unpretentious hostess.

We had an absolutely delightful time with her – she gave us a tour of her lovely home, fixed lunch for all of us. Her husband raised champion Charolais
cattle, and he took us down to his barn and introduced us to his Champion bull – who came right up to him and us – we even got to pet him a bit!
Huge animal he was.

We were all so delighted to have met her and King. I am proud to say that one of our Kerries got to live with Marian Anderson.

We showed until about 1978 -79, and then had to stop because our business just took off and we no longer had time, but happy to say that we once again
got a Kerry in ’05, and are back showing again.

To the right is a picture of Quinn (Edbrios High Voltage) our newest young show prospect!

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