Adoption pending: PICKLES is about to go to a new home!

Pickles is a delightful, well-loved 6.5 yo male Kerry who needs to find a new home. Pickles spend most of his early years living in the suburbs and recently moved from the relative quiet of the “country” to a mid-town busy condo in New York city—he did not take the transfer well!  Pickles found that living in the noise and bustle of the busy city was not his preferred lifestyle: he even took to nipping at people on the elevators in his building. Because of this, his life-long owner was forced to give him up or move out of his new home.

Pickles has spent the last several months in the care of George and Tuesday Hanna in GA where he is a happy member of the Kerry family there. Pickles plays with the family including children, enjoys other dogs, and has shown no signs of his former aggressive nipping behavior. They feel he is more than ready for a new home, albeit one in perhaps the suburbs or in the country rather than in the heart of a noisy, busy city.

If you are interested in Pickles, please contact Tuesday or George Hanna for more information. Adoption fee is $300 to help cover some of the costs the Foundation has incurred in caring for Pickles until he can find new joy and love in a new home.  Contact [email protected] for more information.

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sharon Nichols

Has pickles been groomed on a regular basis, trained well, been around other Kerrys. Who is his breeder? We have two Kerrys (male 9 yrs) and female (going on 4) Who are from BlueMountain Kerrys with Breeder Lynn Mathers in Washington. I have a friend who is interested (Dr. who’s married with grown children). It would be critical that this person understands the breed and that I would be there to help and sure the transfer as well as forever being a godmother. I have a friend who is interested. It would be critical that this person understands the breed… Read more »

Steve Fisher
Steve Fisher

Pickle was regularly groomed and bathed every 2-3 weeks. Enjoyed the process and tended to strut afterwards. The breeder was Paxon Kerry Blues.

Karen B
Karen B

I shared to my neighborhood area – why isn’t Paxon taking him back?


He would not be able to be free. They only keep their breeding pairs. Why not question Paxon? They were the first contacted.

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