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Breed Booklet, 1940. 
Mr. Henry Pattison, USKBTC. 
A 12 page booklet published by the USKBTC. Based on an article that appeared in the March 1938 edition of House & Garden. The need for the booklet was suggested by Mr. William L. Day in the Kerry Blue Column in the March 1940 AKC Gazette.

Get a Kerry Blue Terrier, 1940. 
A double paged sheet produced by the Club. Intended for wide distribution to encourage interest in the breed.

The Kerry Blue Terrier, A Book of the Breed, 1942. 
Mr. McKinney, Editor, USKBTC. Mr. Hutchings, President, USKBTC. 
The first Breed Book published by the USKBTC.

The Kerry Blue Terrier, A Book of the Breed, 1945. 
Mr. Hutchings, President, USKBTC. 
The second Breed Book Published by the USKBTC.

The Kerry Blue Terrier, A Book of the Breed, 1946. 
Mr. Donald Flavin, President, USKBTC. 
The third Breed Book Published by the USKBTC.

The Kerry Blue Terrier, A Book of the Breed, 1947. 
The fourth Breed Book Published by the USKBTC.

The Kerry Blue Terrier Handbook, 1952. 
Dr. E.S. Montgomery, Chairman, Publication Committee. 
The fifth and largest (106 pages) breed book published by the USKBTC. Set the style for the follow-on handbooks published by the Club. Committee included Donald Flavin, Gladys Titcomb, Edith Izant and Ruth Hanning.

The Kerry Blue Terrier Handbook, 1958. 
Dr. E.S. Montgomery, Chairman, Publication Committee. 
112 pages. Committee included Edith Izant, Mrs. Botho Lilienthal, Mrs. Edward Loebe, Gladys Titcomb, and Mrs. Mathew J. Whittall.

The Kerry Blue Terrier Handbook. 1964. 
Botho Lilienthal, Chairman, Publication Committee.

Progressive Neuronal Abiotrophy, A Genetically Inherited Disease in Kerry Blue Terriers. 1975. 
William Caffey, Chairman, Abiotrophy Committee

The Kerry Blue Terrier Handbook, 1976. 
Mrs. Walter L. “Zippy” Fleisher, Jr., Editor.

The Kerry Blue Terrier Handbook, 1985. 
Fern Rogers Chairman, Publication Committee.

The Kerry Blue Terrier Handbook, 1992. Susan Dunivent, Editor 
Goslin Printing Company, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 322 pp. No ISBN or ISSN. An excellent source of breed information and has the most comprehensive medical information section of any book published on the Kerry. Includes US national and regional club addresses and advertisements from numerous breeders. Available from the club prsident for US$10, plus $2 shipping. Contact Barb Beuter ([email protected]).

Kerry Blue Terrier and Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of Finland, Handbook 1995 and Yearbooks for 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996. Contact Hannele Virtanen ([email protected]) for price information and shipping.

United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club, Inc. 1996. The Kerry Blue Terrier Illustrated Standard. This exceptional publication explains in easy terms what each section of the US Kerry standard really means. It has lots of Kerry drawings. It sells for $5.00 from Edith Izant ([email protected]) or Barb Beuter ([email protected]).

USKBTC Photo Pedigree Book, 1997 
Scott Kellogg, DVM, Editor

Periodicals about Kerry Blue Terriers

Kerry Blue Notes. Quarterly newsletter of the Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Canada. Louise Lang ([email protected]), Editor and Publisher.

Kerry Blueprints. Quarterly newsletter of the United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club, Edie Brown([email protected]), Editor.

Terrier Type. 1988. Vol.28, No. 7. Special Issue: The Kerry Blue Terrier in America. Ed./Publ. Dan Kiedrowski, La Honda, CA. ISSN 0199-6495.

Natural Pet: Holistic Care for your Best Friends” , Subscription is $17.97 annually. P.O. Box 420234 or cal (904)445.4608

Articles about Kerry Blue Terriers

Fottrell, Henry B.
The Irish Blue Terrier
Dogdom Magazine. September 1925, Volume 26, Number 7
F.E. Bechmann, Editor and Publisher
Battle Creek Michigan
Cover is Ch Castletown Rose owned by Miss Thomas. Lead article was written by Henry B. Fotterell, Vice-Chairman of the Irish Kennel Club. Article “to be continued”, presumably in the next edition. Several ads by kennels of the time also included.

Adams, Glenn, M.D., Editor & Publisher
Cover Photo of Grand Champion Grabhaire
The Dog News. April 1928, Volume VI, Number IV
Cor. Pearl and Race
Cincinnati, OH
Grabhaire was owned by Mr B. Jerome Megargee. This issue was the “All-Terrier number”, but other than the cover, the only other articles were on the Irish Terrier and trimming Wire-coated Terriers.

Pattison, Henry.
An Article on the Kerry Blue Terrier. (Exact title unknown)House & Garden Magazine. March 1938.
Later served as the basis for the first booklet of the breed published by the USKBTC in 1940.

Kiedrowski, Dan, Editor. 
Terrier Type, Vol 4 No. 4, The Kerry Blue Terrier Issue.
 April 1965.
Terrier Type
4960 Old Dublin Road, Hayward, CA 94546

Kiedrowski, Dan, Editor. 
Profile of an Outstanding Terrier, Ch. Donagayle’s Shannon Sprite. A Tribute to Ray Perry.
Terrier Type, Vol 27 No. 1-2,January-February 1988.
Terrier Type
Post Office Drawer A, La Honda, CA 94020

Kiedrowski, Dan, Editor. 
The Kerry Blue Terrier in America. Terrier Type, Vol 28 No. 7, July 1989.
Terrier Type
Post Office Drawer A, La Honda, CA 94020

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