Outsmarted by a Kerry

I want to grow up taller

When “Kal” (Primrose’s K’Larney’s Blarney) was a pup — he and Hal, my husband, were in the basement watching TV — Kal was playing with a large soft
rubber porcupine toy which Kal, being the pup that he was, was shaking it and started chewing “off” the so-called “quills” on this rubber toy.
My hubby, being the concerned father, took the toy away from Kal and pup it up on a shelf, out of reach, and hubby went back to watching TV. The
Kerry pup, kept eying the toy on the shelf. Kal whined for a while but to no avail—-the toy was out of reach and he could not get it — only
see it. Several minutes went by and “Daddy” did not give in to give the toy back to this young male whining pup.

Lo and behold Kerry ingenuity and intelligence took over; Kal went over to the couch, grabbed a pillow, placed it on the floor , stood on the pillow,
and yes, he was able to reach the porcupine toy.

Safety First!

When we first returned to Ohio from Florida, we were living on a farm that had not only a furnace but a wood stove for heat. This farm had a woods
way back off the road and lots of access to extra wood for this stove. My husband, Hal, enjoyed driving a tractor with a small wagon back to
the woods and Danny, our first Kerry dog, enjoyed this very safe trip to the woods leading and/or following the tractor and small trailer.

One day after a fresh fallen snow — my husband suggested I bundle up and put a lead on Zephyr, our other Kerry, and ride with them back to the
small forest for the wood-burning stove. It was the typical grey day but with newly fallen snow — it was a beautiful winter day. Zephyr
and I sat comfortably on the small wagon, Hal drove the tractor and Danny ran ahead leading the way to the small woods. 

Once we got there, Zephyr and I got out of the trailer to explore and my husband, Hal, got his chain saw out of the trailer to begin cutting up
fallen trees/limbs for wood.

Neither Zephyr nor I were informed of “the rules” which were to be obeyed for our safety when my husband started up the chain saw. The rule
was: Once the chain saw starts and is running, all onlookers are to safely sit in the trailer and wait until the motor on the chain saw
stops or is no longer running. Danny and Hal however knew the rules. Hal knew how much Danny loved to go to the woods with him. Hal was
also quite concerned about what could be a fatal and tragic mistake if a Kerry decided to bark or come too close to a chain saw. Hal trained
Danny that ANY TIME the chain saw started up —- that was the cue for Danny to run and jump into the trailer and stay there until there
was dead silence from the chain saw.

Hal started the chain saw and Zephyr and I were just standing in the background watching as Hal cut up the wood. However, Danny was quite disturbed
and began pulling on Zephyr’s lead as I was holding it. He kept tugging and pulling us towards the trailer — I could not understand what
he was doing — he wasn’t really playing — he was trying very hard to pull Zephyr into the trailer. Danny was QUITE persuasive as he
had the lead in his mouth and was trying very hard to get Zephyr into the trailer and ….he succeeded…..because where Danny was pulling
on the lead —- Zephyr had no choice BUT to climb into the trailer.

Hal, unknowing as to what was going on, stopped the chain saw and turned around to see Danny’s mouth on the lead. There was a puzzled look
on my face. Hal started laughing —- I started asking — “What is Danny trying to do??”

Hal was truly amazed and proceeded to tell Zephyr and I “the rules of the chain saw” which were quite simple. “If the chain saw is running
— everyone is to be in the trailer — when it stops—-you can get out of the trailer.”

Danny wanted his “wife” Zephyr to be safe and hope into the trailer. Moral of the story: Not only can you train a Kerry — but they can train

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