On This Day in Kerry History…

On this day in 2000, Ch. Tontine’s Grady O’Sullivan became the first new champion of the millennium

Every day the event displayed above will change automatically.
It took several years to collect “significant Kerry events” to fill every day of the year. When nothing significant happened on a date, a significant
event that happened during the MONTH is displayed.

“On This Day in Kerry History” is displayed in the sidebar, and the History index.
Now you have a reason to come back each day to see what happened in Kerry History!

We need your help. When the description of the event starts with “During this month…”, it means that we do not have a significant Kerry event for
that DAY. Please email us a significant event for that DAY. If you know of a MORE significant event for
a day, let us know also.

We thank Judith Bruno, Louise Lang, Eileen Andrade, and Loni Ward for their contributions of “significant Kerry events.”

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