Obedience Titles

These titles can be won at American Kennel Club approved obedience trials.

CD: Companion Dog

Basic off-lead control

CDX: Companion Dog Excellent

Intermediate level with retrieving and jumping

UD: Utility Dog

Most difficult obedience work, with hand signals and scent exercises.

UDX: Utility Dog Excellent

Ten combined qualifying scores earned from the Open B and Utility B classes.

TD: Tracking Dog

Dog follows a stranger’s scent about 500 yards to find an article at the end. The track is 1/2 to 2 hours old.

TDX: Tracking Dog Excellent

Again, dog follows a stranger’s scent, on a track 1000 yards long, to find three articles. Track is not less than three hours old.

OTCH: Obedience Trial Champion

Dogs that have already won the UD title may begin to compete for championship points 100 points are required for championship. This is incredibly difficult.
For instance, at a recent trial there were 20 dogs in Utility B, of which six were already OTCH. If your dog won first in this class, he would
win 14 points. Most OTCH dogs seem to be about five years old and have been at class three to five times a week since they were a year old, with
additional home practice and shows.

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