Nora and Charlie are on their way to a new home….together!

This Saturday morning March 14 2020 was a remarkable one for siblings Charlie and Nora: they met their new family and headed to their new home together! The photo shows them as they meet their new family for the first time. Notice that they have had a wonderful grooming and look much more like Kerries now. Their new family won their hearts by being so welcoming and excited but also by bringing them TOYS! I predict these two Kerries will be thoroughly spoiled in no time. What an amazing happy ending!

(BTW the lovely person in the orchid colored jacket in the KBTF’s rescue coordinator Jennifer Van Camp who coordinated the rescue and the new home for these two. Great job, Jennifer!)

In the time between when the Foundation took ownership of these two until they were placed with their new family, Nora and Charlie saw visited a veterinary clinic for checkups and vaccinations and were boarded in a kennel for a couple of days. In addition they were professional groomed so they looked amazing for their new family. The Foundation covers all these expenses and would really appreciate any financial support you might be able to give. There is a donation section on this website that will make this an easy process and it would mean so much to Nora, Charlie, and all the Kerries to come. Thank you.

Initial post on Nora and Charlie:

Nora and Charlie are two 5 yo Kerries currently living in MI who, through no fault of their own but in one of those life-style changes that leave Kerries without a stable home, need to find a new home and soon! They are brother and sister having been together since birth and are very dependent on each other. We are hoping to be able to find a home that would welcome both. Our Rescue coordinator in Michigan has met these two and says they are really lovely together, very sweet, and have the cutest somewhat short tails!  Here is a little about each of them:

Nora is spayed, friendly, outgoing and great with small children. She will do the terrier thing and chase small critters and is not particularly good with cats. She is prone to cysts and has had two removed, one small cyst in the right ear the size of a lima bean. This was removed but has grown back. Nora is up to date on her vaccinations. Nora is the lighter of the two Kerries in the “family” photo.

Charlie is neutered, and like his sister he is friendly and loves children. He is friendly with dogs his size or bigger but has a strong prey drive for critters smaller than he is. He is not good with cats. As a younger dog, Charlie was hit by a car and had a titanium bar in his rear left leg but this does not stop him from running, jumping, and doing all things Kerry. Charlie is the darker of the two Kerries in the photo and the one with the green collar.

Both Kerries are currently shaggy and in need of good grooming and will need their teeth cleaned (both of which the KBTF will cover if requested to do so). We really would like to place Nora and Charlie together if possible: they have been through enough changes in their lives recently. We are also looking for a home to foster the two of them together until we can find just the right home for Nora and Charlie. If we cannot find a great home for them together in a relatively short time period, we will place them separately.   If you are interested in this lovely sister/brother pair or want to consider either one of them separately, please contact Stephanie Moore at [email protected] or complete an application for adoption or fostering founding the rescue section of this website.

As always if you can’t adopt or foster these two Kerries, any amount of financial support for their care and transportation will be appreciated. Donations can be done right here on this website. Thank you.

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Patti Nugent
Patti Nugent

Tried sending email to Stephanie and it was undeliverable.

KBTF Web Editor
KBTF Web Editor

There was an “m” missing at the end of .com in our email link. It should be fixed now. Sorry for the mixup. Her current email is: [email protected]

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