No Dog Parking ? Any Time

Photo (right) from the July/August 1999 issue of the National Geographic Traveler

As I walk through the streets of [my city] I am amazed by the number of dog owners/walkers, that leave their charges tied up, unsupervised, outside supermarkets,
convenience stores, banks, etc…, and I am not talking about a quick, run in for a coffee minute, but long enough to do a week?s shopping!

I am sure many people do not realize the potential danger they expose their treasured pet to when they ?park? their dog.

Things to consider:

Dogs tied to parking meters: Sure the meter is strong and sturdy enough to handle any dog, from a tiny Chihuahua to a 250lb Mastiff, unfortunately however,
they are located less than a foot from the curb, so if your dog is tethered on a leash, your dog has the ability to step into the street. I recently
witnessed a small dog narrowly miss getting crushed by a parallel parker, due to my intervention. I waited for 10 minutes outside the store with the
pup hoping to warn the owner of the pup?s near death but sadly had to move on.

Dogs tied anywhere: Your sweet baby is the most socialized, non aggressive dog on the planet…..that?s great, but when Bob walks by with his dog
aggressive pal, and your unsupervised dog happily reaches out with a warm greeting for his fellow canine, he narrowly misses having his face bit off.

In addition to these biggies, when you ?park? your dog you potentially expose him or her to being fed unacceptable ?treats? from (hopefully) well intentioned
strangers, unwanted attention from unknown people and worst of all ? theft.

Next time you are thinking about ?parking? your dog – think twice ? the outcome may be worse than any parking ticket you received from the [police].

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