New AKC Obedience Titles

Submitted by Neil I Hamilton, [email protected]

Important new AKC titles just released!!!

BD: Bed dog:

* Waits to be invited on the bed.

* Able to get on bed by self.

* Snuggles next to you when you are alone in bed.

* Remembers not to scratch in bed.

* Knows not to eliminate in bed.

BDX: Bed dog excellent:

* All the above plus:

* Able to get up on bed between two sleeping adults and

* Finds a comfortable place without disturbing people..

* Jumps off bed without waking anyone up.

* Does not leap off bed barking if a cat walks through the room.

UBD: Utility bed dog:

* All of the above plus:

* Able to get up on bed with a person and at least one other dog, and find a good space without awakening person.

* Has learned not to let gas while in bed.

* Does not leap off bed barking even if other dogs in household start barking.

UBDX: Utility bed dog excellent:

* All of the above plus:

* Wipes feet before getting on bed.

* Gets on bed with another dog and two cats and a person without disturbing person.

* Rearranges cats to get closer to person.

* Blames cat if lets gas in bed.

* Does not leave bed until person is ready to get up in the morning.

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