Natural Sedatives and Other Remedies for Stomach Upsets

Summarized from KB-L newslist by Marian Tyson 

Marian Moses posed a question on the newslist asking for input on remedies for a Kerry who would get diarrhea when traveling. The dog was not reluctant
to get in the car and travel, but suffered from this intestinal upset the entire travel time. His appetite was not affected.

Readers respond:

  • Katherine Long gives her dog Carafate. Also feeds her Kerry a bland diet, including Presciription Diet I/D, both canned and dry. In more dire
    situations, Katherine will put her Kerry on a 24 hour fast. Katherine has used Pepto-Bismol as a substitute for Carafate, but her Kerry
    does not like the taste.
  • Barbara Kam suggested Bach?s Rescue Remedy for anxiety. For the diarrhea, peel a potato, boil it, and add one half of the cooled potato to
    the dog?s food.
  • Kimberly Battles adds plain yogurt to her Kerry?s food when traveling. Also she recommends brining bottled water since the water can vary substantially
    from one location to another.
  • Jo Harder also recommends plain yogurt which she uses all year. Her Kerries like to eat snow which can result in stomach problems.

All these remedies are readily available and can make life more pleasant for both you and your Kerry!

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