My Kerry Skunk Story

The night before we were leaving on a Labor Day camping trip to my first Kerry Zack and his house mate, a large heavily furred husky mix affectionately
known as Fat Dog went hunting on our evening walk. Fat Dog was the hunter and spooked a skunk out of the bushes and Zack pounced on the critter
and got a face full of Skunk Spray. I still remember him face down butt up going across the park at a full run trying to wipe the spray off his

Fat Dog got hit with the “over spray” and wasn’t too bad, relative to Zack. Peg ran to the store and bought a case of tomato juice which proved
pretty useless in getting the smell off. After half a dozen bathes, I ended up shaving Zack and improved his smell with a liberal application
of Old Spice. Fat Dog didn’t smell too bad after the fourth or fifth bath.

We went camping for the rest of the weekend and on the way back we stopped for the night in a secluded camp site. It was cold so a shaved naked
Zack got to sleep in the truck while Fat Dog was staked out for the night on a lead. About 3 am Fat Dog started barking her head off. I rolled
out the camper shell window and got a noise full of skunk. FD had been skunked twice in 4 days! Unfortunately we did not have any tomato juice
(or Old Spice) so she got to ride the 300 miles home in the back of the truck with all the windows and the shell open. Zack thought he was
in heaven getting to ride up front with the Humans.

The only “Silver Lining” to the story was we stopped in a small town for breakfast. If you have ever traveled in small town Wyoming, things don’t
move too fast, especially the waitresses. Breakfast can take an hour when you are the only people in a caf?. That morning, Peg & I smelling
“Faintly” of skunk went into the caf? and sat down. The caf? was packed with “Locals” and they gave us the once over as we walked in. After
a few moments everyone started sniffing and looking our way. Suddenly we had coffee and food, I think the waitress took food off other peoples
plates and we were on our way in about 20 minutes.

My Kerry Skunk Story

By Cindy Sullivan

One night last summer Bailey went outside around midnight before going up to bed. There was a skunk right on the other side of the chainlink fence.
Somehow he wildly managed to scramble underneath a 4 inch opening, chased the skunk under my husband’s Buick which he then crawled under too,
and got a hold of the back of the skunk. It sprayed him in the mouth, on the snout and in his eyes. Did he care ? ? No..he kept at it even
though the air was blue with skunk spray. I was pulling him by the tail trying to get him to release which is virtually impossible. Mr. I am
the Toughest Kerry In the World never lets go. Finally the skunk managed to get out the other side , and since I had him by the tail , I pulled
all 45 pounds of him back in the yard. He reeked!! For weeks, he cleared a room every time he barked or yawned.


The worst part though was my poor husband having to drive to work the next morning with his head hanging out the window.

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