My Dear Oldie Bello

These she story about the rescued seniors makes me to think again of my kerry’s unfortunate youth. He was the son of our kerry girl – Cessy Modra Pisnicka
(who’d hated shows with venom and thereby had no cool-sounding titles) and sired by the fabulous Ricardo de Fabian von der Canis-Burg, who had won
all possible titles you can think of.


So this pup was sold to “very fine people” in Prague, who wanted the best pup of the litter and whatnot. Mum gave the little boy his first trim before
he left for his new home, and off he went with his new happy owners.


We never heard from them again until about two months later – they brought the pup back (fortunately) and said they couldn’t keep him because of the daughter’s
allergy. Which was nonsense of course as the girl had been there when they came to see the litter and had shown no allergic reaction whatsoever. What’s
more, this little guy was in terrible state. He had been definitely not kept in the house as he was dirty as a wild hog, he had an eye and ear infection
and was not house-trained at all.


Basically, these people just had had the dog somewhere in the yard and never looked after him properly, then they decided they didn’t want him any more,
but didn’t want lose the money they paid for him, so they brought him back and demanded their money back. How do you classify people like them? (I
don’t wanna be using bad language here, so just think the names you’d give them yourselves.)


Anyway, as if those two months weren’t enough for the little boy, just a week after he’d been back to us, he got involved in a terrible car accident, which
I witnessed but couldn’t help or stop. He got hit by a car that came round the corner at incredible speed (which wouldn’t have caused as much damage
IF the driver had stopped immediately), but somehow he got stuck underneath and was dragged down the street, where the driver stopped at last, got
the poor dog out from under his car and drove away. I never knew the number plate, this all happened so fast, it was late at night and I stood under
a shock – I was only 16 then. I quickly went with the neighbor’s boy to look after him, we were fast on our bikes and fortunately found the pup quite
soon – there were already people from the nearby houses by him, saying they’d heard terrible screams and came out look what was going on – saw only
a car pull off and then found the doggy lying there.


It all had to go fast – I stayed by the dog, the neighbor’s boy went to get my mum and his parents (who were very helpful to drive to the vet as we had
no car then). The dog was in such terrible state that the vet said it’d be the best to put him down, he didn’t give him much chance. But my mum wouldn’t
allow it – she has a great knowledge of healing plants and they really did miracles – the vet could not believe how fast the dog was recovering. In
just 2 weeks after the accident he started to try walk again!! He was obviously also given antibiotics all the time, but I think without our good care,
he might have died.

Now, this boy is 15 years old and still going strong (although his back legs are a bit weak, but hey, he had a bad injury AND he’s 15!!!)



I want to ask all breeders: please check real well on the new owners to avoid irresponsible or ignorant people getting your pup!!

I personally wouldn’t breed any more, no matter how great it is to have a litter of sweet baby kerries in the house, nor would I buy a pup – I will only
get a rescued dog – there seems to be lots of unwanted and/or misunderstood kerries out there!



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