Murphy, the International Kerry

I would like to share some experiences we’ve had with our 5 year old male Kerry, “Murphy”. It might show to other Kerry owners how versatile, adaptable
and wonderful, these breed of dog can be.

Murphy was born in Canada. At age 2 1/2 he took very well the adventure of getting into a plane and travel half the world, for almost 2 days, to Kuwait.
He took the whole deal as if he knew exactly what was going on: I’m going to see my Dad, who’s been there for 3 months now!

We spent 1 year and 1/2 in that Sand Box. Murphy was first, not very impressed with the sand. Where are the trees, the squirrels? But then he discovered,
first the cats on the streets (lots of them!!!) and then the beach! Warm water, so nice when the heat is so terrible and……full of fish!
He got furiously into the “fishing business” since then! In between chasing kangaroo rats and the cats. And The camels!! He can spend hours
chasing fish on shore or swimming after them. As a good Kerry, he’s very persistent. 

Soon he was a very happy Kerry, making friends all over. The only bad thing was that the locals where always trying to buy him from us! He also
got into the “herding business”. In the picture below he is herding a flock of sheep.

There are pictures of the Murph in a big Photo shop in Kuwait. Locals will buy his pictures from the owner. No body knew our names but Murphy’s.
We still don’t know if is because he’s somehow different from other breeds, or simply because as most Kerries, he’s somehow special. Nobody
calls him a dog, he’s MURPHY!

The time came for us to move. He had a bunch of “mourners” that where hating the departure of that very friendly and smart gray guy (For us,
they could not care less!!!), but The Murph was getting very excited with all the movement and to calm him down I took the traveling cage
out about a week before. That was enough! He knew that what ever the movement was, he was coming! That calmed him down.

We had over 50 people, from locals to expats, the night we were leaving, saying good bye to the Kerry. Including two grumpy “I don’t like dogs”
type. Well, they said, Murphy is not a dog…..

But Murphy was acting a “bit strange”, he would not leave the site of his cage, he would not go for walks with any of his friends, that were
just wanting to taking him out as the “last treat”. No Way! I’m getting in that plane with Mom and Dad, and if I stay close to this cage
I know I’m going! Never the less to say, again he took the whole deal as a routine, non problematic experience. This part really amazes
me. Cause I’ve traveled with very smart German Shepherds and as smart as they are, I don’t think they’ve ever took the experience as Murphy
takes the travels. He seems to know exactly what the deal is.

We arrived to Amsterdam and spend 6 wonderful months in that lovely and very friendly country, at the beach side in The Hague, Scheveningen.
But more, that place is Doggie’s Paradise! That was a grate adventure for the Murph. Dogs all over. He was accepted everywhere; restaurants,
hotels, shopping centers. He’s traveled from Holland to France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria and even Liechtenstein. Got
in trains, boat rides and you name it! He even got to a “Sex Museum” in Amsterdam. It was simple a pleasure to have him and being able
to share everything with him. He enjoyed each second of the adventure. Again, his wonderful personality seemed to “trapped” everyone
that gets to know him. Because of him, I believe people are more friendly with us. Happened in Kuwait, then in Europe and now, even
here, in Saudi Arabia!

Yes, another Sand Box; bigger though.

The Murph, of coarse, took the traveling very well, so well that in Amsterdam the KLM employees were having him first where the girls make
the tickets arrangements and then the guy in charge of the dogs, kept on calling everyone to show them how the Murph knew the whole
business of the traveling and how happy he was taking the issue. He said he’s never seen a dog like that. The plane was late taking
off and by the time we were getting ready to depart, one of the attendants approached me to let me know that “Murphy was safe on board”.
How do you know his name? I asked. “Oh, everyone knows Murphy by now” she said. Somehow I was not surprised…..

Saudi, has been a very though experience on the poor Murph and after Europe, I guess the changed was even harder for him to accept!
He does not like this “dog’s life”: I can’t drive and my husband works long hours 6 days a week. So beach days are restricted to
Fridays, which is the only free day. He does take good used of those Fridays though! Last week he looked like a shark, first bouncing
like a deer and then swimming very fast, after a big school of fish.

He’s had very hard time adjusting, but again, what a wonderful breed! We are living in a Compound, and people at first were really
reserved. Murphy was very depressed. NO attention! No restaurants, no car, walks only in plain desert….. and for the first time:

Once again, determination can “move mountains”. He spent all they long tied up at the front porch. I could not make him to get
inside the house, despite the heat. But he’s done it again!!!!! He’s became the “Compound Murphy” don’t you dare calling him
a dog! Everyone just loves him, he know looks through the window and barks when a “friend” walks by. They knock at the door,
just to say hello to him. He visits everyone and if I don’t show up with him, because sometimes I think “is not logical to
bring a dog” I have to come back home and get him! What dog? He’s MURPHY!

People that comes out with us, has told us that locals are not that friendly with them, they could not believe how friendly they
are with us! We, who always have got Murphy with us, though they where really friendly by nature, The truth??? They just love
the Murph! “Is he a dog?”

Different cultures, different climates and environments. But these Kerries can “make a difference” where ever they go!

I’m sure we would not have had half the fun we’ve had if “The Murph” wouldn’t have been with us!

Enjoy your Kerry!

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