More Color in Kerries

Very rarely, Kerries are born with an abnormal color. Here are some pictures of purebred Kerrries with interesting colors.

The Foundation thanks these couragous breeders for sharing these rare photos.

This purebred Kerry bitch whelped one wheaten-colored Kerry (a male, shown here at approximately 1 year old) in an otherwise normally
marked litter. 

Information and photos provided by Barbara Thompson:

These three puppies were born in Ireland. The bitch was a Hallsblue /Louisburgh cross (won Devon BOW) and the sire was a KBTCC specialty
winner of Louisburgh.

The breeder claims that the puppies grew up to have normal Kerry-colored coats.


Information provided by Riikka Heinonen, Finland

<[email protected]>

On June 8, 2004 I had a litter of Kerries with two “Black & Tan” puppies. The pictures below show how the color changes over time.

Siri at 7 days

Siri at 4 weeks

Siri at 5 weeks

Siri at 7 weeks

Siri at 3 months

One other puppy in the litter has some tan color also. The rest of the litter was normal.

at 10 days

at 4 weeks

at 5 weeks

at 8 weeks

at 3 months

at 5 months

From: Margaret O’Carroll <[email protected]>


Date: December 3, 2010 5:29:59 AM PST

Below are a couple of pictures of a Kerry that I groomed this week. His pedigree is quite normal ? some I bred and a couple that I have seen and although
light are uniform colour.

Paddy is about 16 months old now. Apparently there were 3 puppies in the litter, one normal for age, one light, but not with white legs and Paddy who apparently
had light brown legs at 8/10 weeks. I didn’t breed him, but contains some of my breeding and an import from Holland is in his pedigree.

I would like to know if anyone else has owned, seen, bred, a dog like Paddy. He is not an Albino ? his eyes are dark, and the skin on his under parts is
very dark and his gums are very normal Kerry gum colour.

Margaret O’Carroll

South Africa 

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