Valerie Brown

This past Christmas we lost our beloved Molly who was with us for just over 16 years. She came to us at 11 weeks from Kerrageen’s Kerrys in Seattle. She was our third Kerry and was feisty from the start. She always lived with another dog, at first our Kerry, Hannah, and latterly with miniature poodles. Her best friend was a Golden Retriever who often stayed with us. She always made sure she knew where everybody was and that they were behaving themselves . She was very protective of the house (and the whole neighbourhood), but had some favourite people who she loved throughout her life even though she seldom saw them. Initially , she hated all little white barking dogs and it took about a year to teach her to ignore them. 

Molly walked at least two miles a day up until the last few weeks. She became bored with her walks at about 12 years, so we entered her in Rally classes. Then, practicing on her walks was lots of fun and made her very proud. She loved camping in our van and delighted in her daily search for “critters”.

At about 5 years, Molly developed both skin problems and colitis. She was given daily medication from that time that kept her very comfortable. She went deaf at 12 1/2, but had learned all of her hand signals, so the only difference was a quieter house, since she no longer heard any potential threats. She was vaccinated up until 10 years when we and our vet decided that was no longer required. 

Molly alway ate dry kibble, with the addition of lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Dessert was always yogurt.

She loved all toys, but would destroy anything like a kong, but kept her favourite soft toys for years. 

Molly stopped eating shortly after her 16th birthday. This was a terrible time for us. She went over the rainbow bridge while alert and content. We will love her forever.

The Brown family. 

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