Our Kerry, L.C. just turned 15 on the 27th March 2012. (born 27th March 1997)

A summary of our little girl:


Born in Sydney, Australia in a litter of 9. She was the chubby slow one, but turned out to be more like her kennel name of Dallaroo Wild Gay Girl.


L.C. has always been very energetic and friendly, while being very independent yet loyal. As she has aged she has become a lot more dependant and is
a lot more affectionate which we adore. When we leave her at home alone she suffers separation anxiety this became worse with age up until about
14 ?. Now she is not as bad with anxiety as she gets the chance to sleep.


We have always tried to include L.C. in our activities. She played tennis with us, canoed with us, went camping, played at the beach and swims in our
pool. For one of our overseas trips we flew L.C. with QANTAS to Bendigo to holiday with her Auntie kT and her human Mums. When she was younger
we both worked and would leave her with food ball, kong and other activities to amuse herself during the day alone (8hrs). I believe this mental
and physical interaction has kept her healthy and motivated her to live a long life.

We have kept a fairly consistent routine to things important to her throughout her life. Afternoon walks as soon as the first one is home from work
and dinner at 7pm.

She always goes to bed at the same time as us. Her bed started on the floor but gradually she came to sleep on our bed. L.C. has also lived at the
same address all her life.


Her afternoon walks when she was younger were about an hour. That stopped about 3 years ago and gradually reduced. (She would keep walking but we thought
it wasn’t good for her). Her daily walks are now a slower 20 minute walk. When she was younger we would take her for longer walks on the weekend
(few hours), or she would get her exercise following us around the garden if we didn’t go for a walk.


Her diet has been fairly consistent. She started on Eukanuba junior, then progressed through all the different Eukanuba diets by age stage, i.e.: adult,
then senior, sensitive stomach and now she is on Adult maintenance (lamb and rice) which is mixed in with Advance tin food. We have always put
a little bit of whatever we are having for dinner, on top of her dinner to give her a little bit of variety. She also gets the very end piece of
whatever we are eating, fruit, yoghurt, toast, cheese, egg, but no chocolate. I can’t think of anything she won’t eat. Plus she gets little treats
for being good when staying still for a hair cut, or having her ears plucked etc. She has always been food focused.


L.C. has maintained a weight of between 13kg ? 14kg. We have kept her trim. I believe she is tall for her breed, but as we have never shown her this
is not something that we have measured.

L.C. has been very healthy. When she was about 2years we had a tick poisoning scare, but as the tick wasn’t found we’re not sure it was a tick. Although
throughout her lifetime we would have pulled over a 100 ticks from her. We have kept her on Proban during tick season to reduce the risk of tick

For worming she has been on Interceptor while on Proban and Sentinel when not on Proban. She has had kennel cough, distemper, parvo and hepatitis vaccinations

At about age 10 she developed a sensitive stomach and would often come back from the kennel with colitis or an upset stomach. We stopped kennel sleepovers
from age 13.

L.C. had both of her upper premolars removed at age 10. And one of her bottom front incisors fell out around age 12.

At about age 12 she became almost totally deaf. This is probably a good thing as she would jump up and bark at load noises. If she were to jump and
bark now she would probably hurt herself. Her night vision got bad at about age 13. We have to turn the light on when she goes outside at night
time. She is almost blind in one eye and good vision in the other eye.

She developed idiopathic vestibular disease when she was 13 years. This episode lasted about 2 weeks. She hasn’t had a subsequent episode that was
noticeable, but when tired she can be a bit wobbly on her feet.

L.C. has lots of little cyst and fatty deposits around her body. These have increased with age, but nothing too sinister.

L.C.’s priorities throughout her life have been and still are walk, food and sleep in that order. And she is most happiest when the three of us are

Chris & Lindy Rand-Patterson


The End

L.C. hid her old age very well, which is probably why she seemed to age quickly in the last few months. It became very difficult to get her to eat
and to put weight on. In Jan 2012 she weighed 13.5 kg and in Aug 2012 she weighed 10.5 kg. In this period she had lost condition and strength.
She would fall and had trouble getting herself up again. She often wobbled when walking. Despite this she was still determined to go on her daily
walks, sometimes just to the corner and back.

In early September we made the very difficult decision to euthanase her. We chose her 15 1/2 anniversary. The vet came to our house. L.C. had a walk
that morning and was asleep when the vet let her go. L.C. will always be in our hearts.

Many thanks

Chris Lindy

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