Kerry Trainers: Sorted by Country, State and City


This list of trainers was compiled from comments made by your follow Kerry owners. All these trainers have worked with Kerries.

Another good source of trainer contacts is Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers at This Council is the body that certifies trainers recognized by the venerable Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).

In the article Helping Adopters Choose a Dog Trainer, Dorothy Turley explains what to look for
in a trainer.

If you know of additional good Kerry trainers, please let me know ([email protected]). When submitting listings,
please include a short description of your experience with this trainer.





McCann Professional Dog Trainers
Flamborough ON,


Companion Dog Training
Cambridge ON,

The Centre for Applied Canine Behaviour, run by Carolyn Clark.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


The training we all received has been invaluable.

The website explains the origins of her philosophy of training so I won’t go into it. She has sponsored seminars by Turid Rugaas and other progressive
thinkers on training. Basically the training we received was based on positive reinforcement with treats and clickers. We were made to feel at home
and the classes weren’t stressful or tense. We took our Wheaten there for puppy classes and a few higher levels, but Mookie the Kerry went through
the beginner and middle level classes as a 6 year old. So, I can’t speak directly to the challenge of training a Kerry puppy, although I know if I
had to choose a school for a Kerry puppy, I would choose Carolark.

There was never a suggestion of using prong or choke collars. The instructors were friendly and loving to the dogs, not cold and aggressive as I have seen
at other schools. The instructors at Carolark are there because they want to be … it is more than a job for them.

Many acquaintances in town have taken their dogs to Carolark and

have been very happy.

Bill Leonard


All About Dogs

Renee de Villiers

Toronto, Ontario

[email protected]


Julio Tudela


635 885 777

[email protected]

United Kingdom

Dog Training UK

United States of America




Mt. Diablo Dog Training Club


Michelle Mingus

[email protected]

Happiness Country Kennels
5815 Mission Road
Sunol, CA 94025


Blue Springs ‘N Katydid Dog Training Center
2980 W. Oxford, Unit B
Englewood, CO 80110
Phone 303-781-9027

I have trained there for years and so have several others with Kerries. I

have done conformation and agility and a smattering of obedience. Others have done the obedience.

Charlotte Hart



Tails U WinLeslie Nelson
Manchester, CT

Suzanne Rodda
544 B Narraganset Lane
Stratford, CT 06614
203 218-3350
Will travel.



Sue Ann Bailey

4026 NE 18th Ave

Ocala, FL 34479

[email protected]


Top DogRoz Mooney
Cattleman Road
Sarasota, FL


Jo-Thor’s Dog Obedience Academy
3000 Johnson Ferry Rd., Marietta, GA 30062

The owner’s name is Joan. She is GREAT with dog with behavioral “challenges.” She had never
worked with a Kerry Blue before Jenny (Lisiji Juliana of the Jean), but she was captivated by her and how VERY smart she was. We got individual training,
and Joan

even came to our house and worked with us there, and on our normal walking path. And she kept telling us that Jenny would respond to what WE did –
so I quickly realized that she was training US more than we were training Jenny (OUR habits were harder to break than hers!). I couldn’t say enough
good things about Joan. She also trains trainers in his area.

Janet McCallen



Brenda Wilson

Brenda’s Pet Groom, Board & More

567 J Street

Pine Mountain Valley, GA 31823


[email protected]


DOTC – Dog Owners Training Club of Maryland
Pikesville Armory
610 Reisterstown Rd
Baltimore Md
Contact Registrar – 410-747-6776



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