Kerry Blue Terrier Poems

Curly Black Fluff

by Kathleen Vojtech

The wait was long for too many reason

Then in the midst of a spring time season

A little ball of curly black fluff

was in my arms, she was just enough

She soon had our house wrapped around her paw

She learned very quick we were left in awe

A little ball of curly black fluff

to love her easy, it was not rough

She trained in the ring she trained in the yard

Others claimed terriers were way too hard

A little ball of curly black fluff

learned how a show dog just struts her stuff

She has our small house all bidding her will

Her champion title she works on still

A little ball of curly black fluff

is turning gray, maturing enough

Gentle when stroked, fierce when provoked

Author unknown
Submitted by Paul Gygi

Stray dogs and wild birds, rabbits and rats,

These are the lads I want.

Rock gardens and shrubbery beloved of cats,

These are the places I haunt.

My jaws do mean business, my manner is gruff

How I yearn for another good chase!

Oh! Truly it is that I’m rough and I’m tough

And I do keep those lads in their place!

There’s a four-legged bully who’s living next door,

With only ill manners of note.

Always bragging of “fightin’ and winnin'” galore

But I’ll have him yet – by the throat.

For I’m of the old “Fightin’ Irishman” creed

And stand on my own four strong legs,

Cause Kerries are NOT of that kind of a breed

That’s quiet or timid or begs.

My mettle is not of the lap-dog kind,

I’m really not that sort of chap.

A jolly good chase is more on my mind

Or the joy of a Hell raisin’ scrap!

I’ll hold my own with the best in a fray

And prefer using force to great tact!

Cause I’mIrishand love when there’s”Hell to pay!”

And I’m surely damned proud of that fact!

Still, I’ve got the time for the children at play

Who wander the fields for their joys.

We oft’ play our games throwing sticks – half the day

How I love being one of their toys!

But make no mistake – I’m the one that you’ll meet

If you happen to find my small friends

For always I sit in the guardian seat

And my protection of them never ends!

On cold winter nights and hot summer days

I nap while the world passes by.

Yet nothing escapes from my motionless gaze

While watching with almost closed eye.

The family cat comes with mischief in mind

I pretend I’m asleep on the floor.

He’s stalking me now- we’re two of a kind

And he quickly retreats out the door!

The Kerry Blue

by PJ O`Brien. Submitted by Diane Ridd.

The Kerry Blue is loyal and true, to his master and his friend,

Through weal and woe he`ll never go, for he`s faithful to the very end.

It`s his delight to pick a fight, for he is such an able dealer;

And few can match instinct to catch, the noiseless prowler or the midnight stealer.

He holds high place in the canine race, with temper so severe;

And he`s a danger to the incautious stranger who in listless moments hovers near.

Yet all readily state. he`s worth his weight, in any kind of metal rare:

For they can depend, he`ll guard till the end, property assigned unto his care.

Little Black Puppy

by Miss Karen Gregg From the July/August 1992 issue of Kerry Klips
Reprinted from the Kerry Blue Terrier Association of Northern Ireland Newsletter

Little black puppy, how are you?

In a brand new world where all things are new

Yours is the wonder and joy of each day,

Yours is the world as you gamble and play.

Yours is the mystery of wind in the trees

You are at one with the birds and the bees

You welcome new friends and your mind is such,

That you love them all–but not too much.

Yours are the daises that grow in the grass.

The golden buttercups nod as you pass.

The butterflies rise and it seems to you

A perplexing thing for them to do.

But the present so soon becomes the past

And you find little trials do not last,

For life goes on, and you see in your view

So many things you would love to do.

Little black puppy, we learn from your life,

The futility of fretting and strife,

And pray to be given the grace sublime

To live in this world one day at a time.

The Dog from County Kerry

Submitted by Marilyn Brotherton from a reprinted of Punch Magazine of February 7, 1923.

The dog from County Kerry,

The tousled tyke and grey,

See how he meets the merry

And tires them all at play.

Yet though he’s raced and tumbled

With many a motley crew,

The proudest shall be humbled

That slight a Kerry Blue.

His fathers lived by battle,

Where crags and lakes and bogs

And glens of small black cattle

Had worked for small grey dogs.

Shrill Poms he’ll scorn with kindness

Gruff Airedales they shall rue

The day when in their blindness

They roused the Kerry Blue.

Dark eyes afire for slaughter,

White teeth to hold and kill

Great otters by the water,

Big badgers by the hill.

The gamest eighteen inches

That ever gripped and slew –

Wise is the foe that flinches,

That flees the Kerry Blue.

Ah! pup that came from Kerry,

Unfriended and unfed,

To maul my boots and bury

Your beef bones in my bed.

You dream of Munster gorses

But, (here your heart shines through)

You let my tame resources

Content a Kerry Blue.

One for the Kerries

By Bev Hurst, Copyrighted

It’s a training break-thru you can see

My Kerry knows the words “watch me”

Her eyes they never break from mine

Sends shivers up and down my spine.

We’re ready, sure, to do our thing

With a confident step we enter the ring.

From start to finish with not one sit

She says I never taught her it.

On the recall she came in like a shot

Hit me so hard I could barely talk.

With Irish eyes just filled with glee

I knew she was laughing right at me.

Chalk another up for the Kerries today

That’s another leg that got away

When I got my New Kerry

Author unknown

I asked for strength that I might rear her perfectly;

I was given weakness that I might feed her more treats.

I asked for good health that I might rest easy;

I was given a “special needs” dog that I might know nurturing.

I asked for an obedient dog that I might feel proud;

I was given stubborness that I might feel humble.

I asked for compliance that I might feel masterful;

I was given a clown that I might laugh.

I asked for a companion that I might not feel lonely;

I was given a best friend that I would feel loved.

I got nothing that I asked for,

But everything that I needed.

I got an Kerry Blue.

My Kerry and Me

Written by L. M. Ward, dedicated to Rockwell’s Faith ‘N Begorra, aka “FeeBee”.
Submitted by Lisa Marie Wilkins

We walk along my Kerry and me

To see what is that we can see

And as she looks both here and there

She stops to smell what’s in the air

The birds, the trees, the sights and sounds

Enthralls my Kerry to leaps and bounds

She turns her head as if to say

“Come on my friend, it’s time to play”

She runs so fast paws skimming the ground

I can’t keep up, I must slow down

Within a blink she’s back to stay

Tail wagging, tongue dangling, Fall in disarray

She licks my face and snuggles close by

We sit and watch as geese fly by

I can’t imagine how life would be

without my friend, my Kerry…and me

Why a Kerry

by Mrs. Cyrus B. More, Escondido Kennels, Reg., Santa Fe, NM
Submitted by Karen Laubach


He’ll take the cows to pasture,

Check the sheep dogs and the sheep—

That will give an Irishman

Another hour to sleep.


Then he’ll mind the babies

Help Mother with her churn,

Help Grandma with her spinning wheel,

Wait, and take his turn

(When they say ‘dinner’s ready’)


then hell’ll trail Father to the Pub

And join the hunting talk:–

Oh, he will do his share

While all the huntsmen gab and drink

In each old tavern chair.

He’ll flush a bird, or catch a fish,

Or pull a badger from his hole.

He’ll swim and catch a water rat

Or dig, and catch a mole.


He’ll cock his head approvingly

At horses at the far

Admire Daughter’s London hat,

Or Son’s new cut of hair.


And when the long day’s over,

Before the set of sun

He’ll find, and bite, an Englishman

Before the day is done.

Kerry Blue Kiss

As I walked in the kennel with champions around

There was a litter of Kerry blues all safe and sound

The smell of the kennel was a bit much to take

But I knew if I didn’t it would be a mistake

I remember her eyes as if it were yesterday

The look on her face took my breath away

She was so beautiful she made tears in my eyes

I knew then and there she was my little prize

As she looked up at me an nuzzled with her nose

All I could smell was a beautiful rose

So all Kerry Blue lovers please remember this

There is nothing more rewarding then a Kerry Blue kiss

To Baily Blue

Silvery Phantom

Submitted by Barbara Meeker. Author unknown. First printed in the Kerry Blue Terrier Club of England Newsletter.

What enchanting silvery phantom

has slipped into your home

Almost without your kowing it

and made the place his own.

What precious speck of nothing

has grown into your friend

from black through blue to silver

Bringing pleasures without end.

Who patiently, without a moan

withstands the faltering, novice comb.

Those shaky hands, with scissors tense

He let you learn at his expense.

Who makes you say “He’s been no trouble”

perhaps our flock we’d better double

And then before you know it – he

has made you buy first two, then three.

And now your evening hearth you share

With slumbering shapes, entwining there.

Blue silky coats of varying hues

Prove you’re now owned by Kerry Blues.

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