Kerry Blue Terrier Mixes

The Foundation does not support any Kerry mixes or “designer dogs”. Most of these mixes come from puppy mills and back yard breeders. Never buy a puppy from a puppy mill, backyard breeder or pet shop. By doing so you are supporting the horrible breeding conditions of the puppy breeders.

Ever wonder what Kerry mixes look like?

BoomerWheaten X Kerry Blue
BritMalamute (?) X Kerry Blue
CallumSchnauzer X Kerry Blue
PennyAiredale X Kerry Blue
NexisLab-Shepherd X Kerry Blue

Wheaten X Kerry Blue Mix

Here is a picture of Boomer, a Kerry Blue Terrier/Wheaten Terrier Mix. He is an 8 month old rescue dog (not from the KBTF) and cared for by Marie Balistreri and her twin daughters. They had DNA testing done on him shortly after they brought him home and the results were Kerry Blue/Wheaten with Cocker Spaniel in the Mix. Marie an the kids are fans of the Facebook Kerry Blue page and noticed recently that we featured some mixed breed Kerry dogs, which prompted them to send in these pictures.

Malamute (?) X Kerry Blue
Meet Brit

This is Brit. She is a Kerry mix found in a shelter in Saskatchewan. The shelter did not want to release to the KBTF of Canada. Fortunately, Gary and Lee Penner had applied for a Kerry girl and were able to get her out directly from the shelter to live a happy life with them in High River, Alberta

Schnauzer X Kerry Blue
Meet Callum

Born on the 21st March, 2009, in Australia.

Gaelic translation of Callum = Like a dove!

3 Months

6 months

6 months

8 months

8 months

14 months

20 months

Callum and C

Callum at 20 months, with Michael Cunnington

November 2011 Update:

Hi folks,

Callum is fifty percent the genetic product of a Standard Black Schnauzer male, combined with a similar genetic contribution from a female Kerry Blue Terrier.

I have had many private emails requesting further information on Callum’s progress, so I know there are people who maintain an interest or curiosity regarding the result of a Standard Schnauzer x Kerry Blue Terrier Crossing.

I also know that that there are some people who strongly disapprove of Callum’s cross bred status but I suspect they still retain some slight interest in his progress.

However, I like to think that he is a unique dog, if only due to his rarity, and because of his Schnauzer x Kerry breeding, I sometimes humorously refer to him as a “Sherry”. However, there is no danger that he will contribute to the production of any further “designer dogs” as he no longer possesses the equipment necessary to produce sperm.

I have seen many crossbreeds that I thought did absolutely nothing either aesthetically or physically, to improve on the separate pure breeds. However, occasionally a crossing can produce a dog which seems to characterise the best of both breeds and I modestly believe Callum is one of those dogs. He has the physical development of an athlete, a gleaming, healthy, non-shedding coat, plus the looks that make him welcome wherever he goes.

He also improves my social life because is an absolute “chick magnet”!

As I sit at my favourite cafe and enjoy a cappuccino, with Callum by my side, I’m becoming accustomed to having ladies approach with the words, “Hello gorgeous!” or “Hello, beautiful”!

It would be nice if sometimes these comments were being addressed to me but unfortunately, it’s always Callum who has stolen their hearts. Nevertheless, he breaks the ice and I then often find myself in extended conversations with people who wouldn’t dream of speaking to me if Callum had not been sitting by my side.

We frequently enjoy an evening walk on Glenelg beach. Perhaps I should say that I enjoy a short “walk”, while Callum retrieves the tennis ball that I throw for him with the assistance of one those plastic throwing stick things. When I consider that he has done enough running and jumping in pursuit of the tennis ball, he is given permission to “walk on”. He needs no second invitation and runs wildly along the beach, stopping occasionally to sprinkle his calling card on various doggie signposts along the way. Occasionally, he deposits a rather more solid calling card on the beach, and as a responsible dog owner, I am then obliged to hygienically remove it with the aid of a little black plastic bag.

You may not agree, but In the bottom picture I think he looks a little fierce. If that is the case, let me quickly assure you that he has been obedience trained and socialises pleasantly with both adults and children.

Having said that, he will bark when strangers approach the house and unless or until I tell him, “It’s alright”, he can present quite a hostile front. However, once visitors are recognised and welcomed by me, they can enter the house to be greeted warmly by the very dog that was previously keeping them at bay! Frankly, I appreciate the service he provides, and I do like the feeling of extra security that he has brought into my home.



He is now two years and eight months old, weighing in at sixteen kilos and as fit as a fiddle.


Here he is, in all his glory. Proud as a peacock and I look forward to spending many more years in his company.



April 2013 Update:

Callum (my schnauzer x kerry blue) is now four years old and has matured into a very handsome dog. (If I ever win the lottery I will have him cloned
<grin> )

He has his trained dog certificate and is very well mannered in public so he is never short of admirers.

I will be 76 on the 1st of June and if he lives to be 15 and I am still around, I will be 87, so I think he is likely to be my last dog.

Nevertheless, I consider myself very fortunate to have him and could not wish for a better companion.


Best wishes,

Michael Cunnington (and Callum)

Airedale X Kerry Blue
Penny, the Kerrydale

The photo below is alleged to be also of
two Kerry – Airedale mixes.

Lab/Shepherd mix X Kerry Blue

More about Nexis.

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