Kerry Blue Terrier Litters

Advice for Prospective Puppy Buyers

Before a potential puppy buyer select a breeder, they need to understand the Kerry Blue temperament,
grooming, and training requirements.

Be cautious about any litter not listed here. These puppies may come from puppy mills, puppy brokers, backyard breeders, or unscrupulous breeders.

The litter list is not a comprehensive list of litters available or in planning. Many reputable breeders don’t advertise their litters. See this important
information on finding and identifying a reputable breeder.

ONLY buy from a reputable breeder or consider a Rescue Kerry.

DON’T buy from a pet store, web site (which are on-line versions of pet stores), and be
very cautious of newspaper advertisers as well as breeders not listed in our breeder directory.

If you cannot find a litter in your area, contact local breeders and ask when they will
breed another litter, or ask for references of other responsible breeders in your area.

If you are new to the breed, it is strongly recommended that you buy your puppy locally and that you build a long term relationship with the breeder.
You will need much support with ear setting, grooming and training.

If you are interested in a puppy, complete the Adoption Questionnaire and send it to the
breeders in your area or the breeder of the litters listed below. You’ll find their address in the litter listing below or the Breeder Directory.
Many litters are placed long before they are born. Be quick!

No guarantees are made about the quality of these puppies.

How to post a litter here.



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