Kerry Blue Terrier Clubs

To join a club, send your inquiry to the Secretary or Membership Chairman of the club.


Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Canada

President: France Godbout 
[email protected]1st V P: Barb Thompson 
[email protected]

Treasurer: Linda Lee 
[email protected]

Secretary: Louise Lang 
[email protected]

Kerry Blue Notes, Louise Lang, Editor and Publisher 
P. O. Box 72, Station Q 
Toronto, Ontario M4T 2L7 
Phone: 416/484-0008 
Fax: 416/484-8360 
[email protected]

Club Address: 
P.O. Box 72, Station Q 
Toronto, ON M4T 2L7 
Tel: (416) 484-0008 
Fax: (416) 484-8360 
[email protected]

Club web site:

The Western Canada Kerry Blue Terrier Club

John Van Boeyen, President 
11919 McGimpsey Rd. GAD 55 
Lake Errock, B.C. V0M 1N0 
Phone: 604/826-9046 
Fax: 604/826-9095 
E-mail: [email protected]

Lee Templeton, Secretary 
561 West 65th Ave. 
Vancouver, B.C. V6P 2P6 
Phone: 604/325-3157

Alana Fulton, Treasurer 
3206 West 28th Ave., 
Vancouver, B.C. V6L 1X7 
Phone: 604/738-7973

Heather Van Boeyen, Rescue Committee 
11919 McGimpsey Rd. GD 55 
Lake Errock, B.C. V0M 1N0 
Phone: 604/826-9046 
Fax: 604/826-9095 
E-mail: [email protected]

Czech Republic

Czech Terrier Club (Klub Chovatelu° Teriéru°)

Lucie Tylová 
KCHT corresponding secretary 
Salmovská 11 
120 00 Prague 
[email protected] 

Breeding advisor for KBT is 
Kveta Pavcikova 
Holubov 229, 382 03 Kremze 
[email protected]

Club web site:


The Finnish Kerry Blue Terrier and Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club

Tiina Paukku, President 
Vallinkoskentie 16 
FI-55100 IMATRA 
tel & fax + 358 5 436 7658 
e-mail: [email protected]


Klub fur Terrier

Torsten Himmrich, Chairman 
Schone Aussicht 9 
Postfach 1328 
65442 Kelsterbach 


Dublin Irish Blue Terrier Club

Mrs. Cathy Delmar, Secretary 
18 Wheatfield Road 
Phone: 01 – 626 2313 
[email protected]

The Ulster Kerry Blue Terrier Club

Ken Connor (Woodsown), Chairperson

Cathy Neill (Kensbridge), Treasurer

Fionnuala Malone, Rescue 
00353 86 8750614

Fionnuala Malone (Glenfitor) Secretary 
265 St James Road 
Dublin 12 
Tel: 00353 86 8750614 
[email protected]


Slovakia Terrier and Foxterrier Club (FCI)

Stefanikova 10 
811 05 Bratislava,Slovakia 
TEL: 00421 7 52493755 
FAX: 00421 7 52492298 
e-mail: [email protected] 

United Kingdom 

Northern Kerry Blue Club

Bridget McGeown, President and Rescue Coordinator 
Granemore’ 8 Queensgate 
Chorley, Lancashire 
012 57 265946

Ms. Carmel Clarke O`Neill. 
9, Millbank Lane, 
L31 9AT 
Tel:- (+44) 151 474 6012 
email: [email protected]

Mrs. Ramsay 
[email protected] 
0151 666 2357

Kerry Blue Terrier Association

Pat Munro 
Rose Cottage 
CO9 2NW 
01787 269977 
[email protected]

The Kerry Blue Terrier Association Of Northern Ireland

Glen Keery 
4 Maze View Road 
Northern Ireland 
01846 692866 

United States

United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club

Tom Rogers, President 
317 West Ridge Road 
Joliet, IL 60431 
[email protected] 

Charles Redmond, Secretary 
11624 Summerhill Road 
Lexington, KY 40515 
[email protected] 

Don Wilde, Treasurer 
11754 W. Grand River 
Eagle, MI 48822 
[email protected]

Kathy Bergen, Puppy Referral: 
8424 Alchesay Drive 
Pinetop, AZ 85935 
[email protected] 

Empire Kerry Blue Terrier Club

The club does not want to be listed in this directory. 

Philadelphia Kerry Blue Terrier Club

Carol Brown, President 
P. O. Box 214 
Pipersville, PA 18947 
[email protected]

Gerry Yeager, Vice-President 
[email protected] 

Larry Brown, Secretary 
P. O. Box 214 
Pipersville, PA 18947 
[email protected]

Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Greater Pittsburgh

Dan Culver, President & Vice President 
30 Woodside Avenue 
Buffalo, NY 14220 
[email protected] 

Audry Weatherhead, Secretary 
[email protected]

Kerry Blue Terrier Club of No. Ohio

Cary Weatherhead, President 
[email protected] 

Ms. Christine Friscone, Treasurer 
770 Smokerise Dr. 
Medina, OH 44256-2752 
[email protected]

Lower Michigan Kerry Blue Terrier club

Terry Worful 
[email protected] 

Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Chicago, Inc.

President, Charles Zuganelis [email protected] 
Vice President, Peter Lamken [email protected] 
Rec. Secretary, Nicolle Carfora [email protected] 
Corr. Secretary, Hiram Burrows [email protected] 
Treasure,r Linda Sousa [email protected] 
Exec Officer, Rita Nicholson [email protected]

Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Central Florida

Walter Bates, President 
[email protected] 

Chris Cagle, Vice-President 
[email protected] 

Connie Adams, Secretary 
[email protected]

Joan Lambert, Treasurer 
[email protected]

Kerry Blue Terrier Club of St. Louis

President, Nancy Robards, [email protected] 
Vice-President, Fern Rogers 
Secretary, Gigi Lorentz-Reiling, [email protected] 
Treasurer, Gigi Lorentz-Reiling, [email protected]

Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Texas

President, Doreen Fletcher [email protected] 
Vice President, Joanna Johnston [email protected] 
Secretary, Stan Roskoski [email protected] 
Treasure,r Rhonda Krupp [email protected]

Rocky Mountain Kerry Blue Terrier Club

Nona Mansfield, President: 
303 530-3692 
[email protected]

Phil Luebbers, Secretary 
4124 S. Niagara Way 
Denver, CO 80237 
Home: 303/758 0024 
Work: 303/721 1000 
[email protected]

Mimi Karsh, Treasurer 
303 782-0802 
[email protected]

Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Northern California

Diane Lee 
[email protected] 

Nancy Han 
1st Vice President 
[email protected] 

Carole Dickenson 
2nd Vice President 
[email protected] 

Vern Homolka 
[email protected] 

Connie Robbins 
[email protected]


Tomoko Hirokawa 
[email protected]

Sheryl Homolka 
[email protected]

John Robbins 
[email protected]

The All Terrier Club of Western Washington

President: Cliff Hewitt <[email protected]>Secretary: Harriet “Hattie” Good <[email protected]>Website:

Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Southern California

Web Address:

President: Doug Keene ([email protected]
1st Vice President: Helen Eiden ([email protected])
2nd Vice President: Pam Seigler ([email protected]
3rd Vice President: Marina Bendersky ([email protected]
Treasurer: Ron Hewlett ([email protected]
Secretary: Gail Traughber ([email protected])

Board Members: 

Carol Basler ([email protected]
Alex Bendersky ([email protected]
Suzi Pozzo ([email protected]
Tia Hewlett ([email protected]

Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Hawaii

Heidi A. Cregor, President 
1373 Kukana Place 
Kailua, Hawaii 96734 
[email protected]

Bobbie Ubersax, Vice-President 
[email protected] 

Paula Aurio, Secretary/Treasurer 
[email protected] 

Kerry Blue Terrier Club of San Diego

The club does not want to be listed in this directory.

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