KBTF 2019 Rescue Calendar


The exciting KBTF 2019 Kerry Blue Calendar is completed and ready for you to purchase
and bring into your home. It is also perfect for gifts to your family and friends. And it supports that Foundation?s work all year long.

This year the calendar features photos that are a stunning mix of rescue Kerries and others who are not rescues but just lovely, funny, charming Kerries.
There are Kerries in the snow, a Kerry in a boat, a Kerry who had made best friends with a cow, a Kerry with a horse, and so many other beautiful photos
of our beloved breed. It is a calendar to be treasured and enjoyed all year long.

At only $19.95, this is a calendar that does great things for our Foundation and it?s rescue program and gives you a delightful new Kerry or two (or three)
to look at every single month. The cover itself is worth having up long before the start of the New Year: designed by an internationally recognized
artist from Belgium, Lode Coen, it is a tribute to Kerries everywhere. There are 35 photos just on the cover alone to enjoy before you even start on
the actual months of the year. If you have submitted a photo, chances are good it was included in the calendar.

Buy your calendar now so you can enjoy the cover for some time before the start of
the New Year. Remember the Foundation prints only a limited number of calendars so to be sure you get all you want, order soon. You will not be disappointed:
you will be helping a great organization and will have special ?Kerry Love? all year long.

Our printer gave us a good price, therefore we can offer you 5 calendars for the price of 4.

We ship anywhere in the world.


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