Invitation to Help Us Solve the Aggression Issues in Kerries

KBTF Dedicates $8,500 to analyze your Kerry’s blood and come up with a marker for Thyroid Disease

What if the aggression is the result of an underlying health problem?

Recently, the Rescue Coordination team worked with some people who were considering releasing their Kerry because of an unexpected and escalating tendency
toward aggression. The Rescue Director asked the people to have their dog tested for thyroid disease. The dog tested positive, was put on medication,
and the aggressive behavior stopped. The Kerry remains with his people.

Hypothyroidism is the most common endocrine disease in dogs. It is a genetics related disease. In Thyroid Disease and Autoimmune Thyroditis Dr. Dodds writes about thyroid dysfunction and its impacts on health and behavioral issues.

The Kerry Foundation is participating in a project with Dr. Jean Dodds andHemopet to determine the status of thyroid disease in Kerries. You and your Kerry are invited to participate in this study.

Here is how you can Help:

  1. Print and complete the thyroid form.
  2. Take the form and the pedigree to your vet.
  3. Ask the vet to draw blood from your Kerry for free as it will be used for research. If he is not willing to do it for free, pay for the blood draw.
  4. Ask the vet to ship the blood, as shown on the form, to Hemopet. If he is not willing to do it for free, pay for the shipping.
  5. To participate in the thyroid and DNA studies, please complete and returnthis form with a copy of your dog?s pedigree.

That is it!

The Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation will has set aside $8,500 for the analysis of the blood of the first 100 Kerries.

You will receive:

A report from Hemopet about your Kerry’s thyroid function will be mailed to you in about 6 weeks.


This project is made possible through the generosity of Foundation supporters. Please donate to our Health & Genetics Fund.

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