Introducing a new Rescue Director for the KBTF!

Meet Stephanie Moore, a true Kerry rescuer

Stephanie Moore’s adventures with Kerry Blue terriers began as it did for many of us: with a chance encounter many years ago. In her case this was with a Kerry named Duffy while having lunch with a friend. Right after that meeting Stephanie visited the KBTF website for the first time and got into touch with the rescue coordinator (RC) in her area to learn more. Fast forward to Stephanie adopting six rescues over the years (Duncan, Spirit, Trooper, Asher, Grace, and Kelsey), four of whom are still living with Stephanie and her family. Along with welcoming these rescues into her own home, she has served enthusiastically as the RC for Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia and Pennsylvania for many years now. In this role she has transported four Kerries, collected seven from various airports on their way to a new home or foster family, and placed 24 in new homes not including her own six rescues! And now Stephanie has agreed to take on yet another adventure as the KBTF’s new Rescue Director! Working with KBTF President George Hanna, Stephanie will lead the 15 rescue coordinators across the U.S., supporting them in their work, helping develop and improve the rescue programs to keep it working effectively and efficiently, and being an advocate for all things Rescue.  These are things that Stephanie has proved she excels at as an RC and as the Rescue Director she will continue to them in an even bigger and better way.

And in case you are wondering, George Hanna is not going away: he is currently the President of the KBTF and now will be better able to focus on other aspects of the Foundation’s business and mission while still being there to support Stephanie and the rescue team as needed.

Stephanie’s email address is [email protected]: I always smile when I see that “nrg2spare” part because if there is one person I know who does have energy to spare, it is Stephanie Moore! We are all so happy that she has agreed to spare some of that extra energy to lead the Rescue team in its work and joys! Please join me in congratulating Stephanie on her new role as KBTF Rescue Director.  Thank you, Stephanie. 

Photo shows Stephanie with her rescue girl Grace who is Stephanie’s constant shadow. Grace shares her home with three other rescues Trooper, Asher, and Kelsey as well as with Stephanie and her family. Nice Kerry family and they are all rescues!

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