Instructions for Sample Submission

Please follow these instructions to obtain a DNA sample and remember to provide all the necessary information when you send your animal?s sample. You need
to send either a blood sample or cheek swabs but not both and we prefer, a blood sample.

Brushes are available from us (

We have an online database where breeders/owners and vets can create an account (free) for themselves and login into that account to fill in the animal
information and select the test and sample type. Once they do all that their sample gets a submission ID allotted to it and then they can print it
out and should send it along with their sample.

If you have further questions contact us via this email ([email protected]) or call (215) 898-3375 or (215)
898- 8894.

Blood Sample Collection (performed by a veterinary clinician or nurse)

1. Label one EDTA (purple top) tube with owner?s last name and animal?s name (or AKC#)

2. Take a 1-2-ml blood sample.

3. A blood sample must be kept cold but not frozen until shipping.

4. Complete required submission form and mail with sample.

5. Mail tube in mailer by 2-day delivery or regular service. Your veterinarian may have special Styrofoam containers or cardboard mailers to send blood
tubes in a ZiplockTM bag in bubble wrap for protection.

6. For international shipment a customs declaration and proforma invoice must be filled out (see our website).

Cheek Swab Sample Collection

1. To avoid contamination with food, do not feed the animal at least three hours before you collect the sample.

2. Wash your hands before you collect the sample.

3. Label the packages that contain the cheek swab brushes with the owner?s last name and the animal?s name and/or AKC number.

4. Open the end of the swab package that shows the word, ?peel,? printed on it. Be careful not to touch the brush end as you remove the swab.

5. You may also wish to ask a second person to gently restrain the animal?s head while you collect the DNA sample.

6. Insert brush end between the animal?s gums and inside of the cheek. Roll the brush on the surface of the inside of the cheek for 15-20 seconds.
Make sure that the brush is in contact with the cheek and not just with the saliva.

7. Return brush to its original package, allow it to dry, and then tape the opened end shut.

8. Repeat steps 3-5 for the second brush using opposite side of mouth. Two to three swab brushes are needed for each animal tested.

9. If you plan to test another animal, remember to wash your hands before you start with the next dog.

10. Secure brushes from each animal tested in a separate ZiplockTM bag.

11. The samples can be mailed by regular or express mail to address below.

Your participation and your animal?s results will be kept strictly confidential!

Contact and Shipping Information:

Dr. Urs Giger / FXI, Rm 4013

Ryan Veterinary Hospital

University of Pennsylvania

3900 Spruce Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104-6010

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 215-898-8894

Fax: 215-573-2162


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