Indy A Kerry Story

Our Kerry’s name is Indy. When we adopted him as a 10 week old puppy, my wife and I were told that he was a Standard Schnauzer and Labrador mix that
had been dropped off in the middle of the night at the county shelter. However as we have come to know Indy, we believe that he is a Kerry Blue
Terrier as he resembles both the pictures, physical descriptions and temperament of the KBT.

Full of energy, he is my constant companion and very attentive and well behaved both on and off leash. True to KBT character, he has a high energy
level and great stamina. He also tends to use a wide range of vocalizations to communicate to us.

Indy loves to visit my wife’s father who is 89 years old and a widower. All we have to do is mention “Grandpa John” and Indy immediately heads
to the door to get into the car. When we arrive at John’s apartment, Indy rushes in to find him. One time when John was still in bed, Indy
jumped up and licked his face to wake John up. Another time when John was taking a shower, Indy searched the entire apartment until he found
him. Indy then sat outside the closed bathroom door talking in his low bark/howl/whine until John assured Indy that he would be right out.
Indy sat there, guarding the door until John emerged.

On another occasion my wife received news that her dad’s sole remaining cousin, who had been in the hospital, had just passed away. As her dad
was very fond of this cousin, we decided to convey the news personally. My wife and her dad were sitting on the porch when she told “Grandpa
John” the news. Although Indy was busy exploring the front yard, as soon as John began to softly weep our Kerry came over and put his on “Grandpa’s”
lap and began to softly moan. John looked at my wife and said, “Look, Indy is crying with me.” John’s spirits were lifted immediately as Indy
consoled him.

As I am working on a Master’s degree in counseling psychology, I am considering have Indy formally assessed for Therapy Dog training since he has
shown such compassion and companionship.

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